Ask DN: Screen capture and embed?

10 years ago from , Product Designer @ Sprout Social

There's been a trend lately in products showing features or portfolios presenting work by doing "fly throughs" with the products themselves. An example with that New York Times prototype recently: http://www.nytimes.com/marketing/prototype/

Some of the easy stuff can obviously be done with just a screenshot, and animating it in either direction with JS, but how about the more "detailed" videos?

Anyone have any good methods of screen capturing then rendering really clean videos at different sizes to accommodate the design of the site?


  • c kizerc kizer, 10 years ago

    They just applied a unsharp mask afterwords to standard screen capture. What's the name of the mac one that lets you crop and shows a video timeline? That's the one they used… the name fails me…

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    • Eric Boyer, 10 years ago

      Yeeeeeup. I'm not so much interested how they are embedding HTML5 video on to a page, I understand that much. I'm more interested in the capturing end, to keep quality and size down at the same time.

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