• Duncan Graham, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    So many gems in this


    I'm the one thing that has been bumming me out lately is original, creative people make amazing things they go to market and they immediately get swallowed up by big companies to work on um you know rethinking the way the world thinks about Pizza pockets or whatever. They were there this inspiring small voice and their instantly gonna and never to be heard from again and that purchase grinds my gears it seems. I want there to be more awesome individual voices that I'm inspired by in the computer world not fewer and fewer more monolithic voices and at just yeah yeah

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  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, almost 9 years ago

    As a meta comment I mildly despair that something less than two years old is described as 'old' ;-)

    The next design related book in my to-read pile was written in the 70s.

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