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Hey guys,

For my first post here, I want to share with you my first "design" weekend project.

I've designed some small stuff before (websites, interfaces, business cards, flyers), but (design-wise) this is the first time I'm actually selling something I've done to strangers.

A few words about Non-app Calendar.

You know when you have those big goals and realize it's gonna take more than good will to turn them into actionnable steps?

That's exactly what this printable PDF Calendar is for. It comes with a process to help you break big goals into small chunks.

Hope you'll like it.

Let me know what you think!


  • Justin JacksonJustin Jackson, over 8 years ago

    Love this for a bunch of reasons:

    1. You designed and released something in a form factor that wasn't software. Too often we think that software is the answer for everything - that's not always true.

    2. I've been looking for a framework like this. I know I need to get organized - but I've been looking for a format that makes sense. This looks like the perfect fit.

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    • Grégoire Gilbert, over 8 years ago

      Thanks Justin.

      I know a lot of entrepreneurs like to disconnect while working on their goals. Using pen and paper is a great way to achieve that!

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  • Matt WestMatt West, over 8 years ago

    I love the simplicity of this. I find the month/year views particularly useful.

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    • Grégoire Gilbert, over 8 years ago

      I find the Week view the most useful :)

      But other folks have told me the year/month views particularly helped them to set their goals.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback Matt!

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  • Jacob WykeJacob Wyke, over 8 years ago

    Great work Gregoire. Looks great.

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  • Brent VatneBrent Vatne, over 8 years ago

    Love it!

    Noticed a typo on the first page - "plan your comming week" should be "plan your coming week"


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    • Grégoire Gilbert, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      Hey Brent!

      Thank you so much for purchasing it!

      And thanks for signalling the typo. Just pushed the v1.1. I'm sending it to you right away.

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  • Chikodi ChimaChikodi Chima, over 8 years ago

    Nice one. Good luck!

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