Ask DN: How Do you Organize Font Families?

almost 9 years ago from , Staff Product Designer at Salesloft

Is there an easy tool or way to organize individual fonts under the same font family?

For example, Proxima Nova has close to 40 different weights (including condensed fonts). I went in using Font Forge and manually renamed all of the fonts.

I'm now running into the same issue with Din. Is there an easier way to get a set of fonts all in the same family? I'd rather not spend an hour today renaming things in Font Forge.


  • Alex BAlex B, almost 9 years ago

    Usually the weights are all part of the same font, at least in OSX font book. What context are you referring to?

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    • Sam Solomon, almost 9 years ago

      Thanks, but that isn't the case with a lot of fonts the agency has purchased. For whatever reasons many of the font weights show up as individual fonts in Font Book.

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