• Jonathan CutrellJonathan Cutrell, almost 9 years ago

    It's visually appealing, but -

    I think the fluid bubbles being merged and un-merged from each other suggests they are somehow related (rather than just geographically near each other).

    Nice screens, though!

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  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, almost 9 years ago

    I wonder if people who create these things spend the time to read the specs for the watch. This concept isn't possible to implement with the current SDK.

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    • Brendan GramerBrendan Gramer, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

      Thats what I was wondering about. If I read correctly, the current WatchKit SDK can only function as an extension of an iPhone app. Does this mean that it'll only run Watch apps that are tethered to the user's existing iPhone apps? (iPhones are required to be within distance in order for apps to function...) Can Watch apps be separate from and function independently from iPhone apps?

      My questions aside, this is nice work!

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      • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, almost 9 years ago

        The model and controller are pushed down to the phone. The watch can run extremely limited view code. So if you could get your app done in a view, conceivably (maybe?) it could run on the watch.

        This aside, you have to stick to a very limited set of UI views. Glances can only use the Apple-supplied UI. Animations are actually done the old school way – frame-by-frame graphics, similar to an animated gif.

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  • Suganth SSuganth S, almost 9 years ago

    Kickass concept. But i was thinking whether it'l be possible in Apple watch hardware? Because if After Effects in mac/windows is used to render this smooth, imagine how much time will apple watch takes to render this.

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    • Chase GiuntaChase Giunta, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

      From what little I was told (by those who read the watchkit docs), and someone could correct me on this, the Apple Watch does very little to render any animations... You have to provide image sequences for the animations included in your app. Animations with dynamic content are not feasible.

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  • Bilal MohammedBilal Mohammed, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )


    What prototyping tool did you use for this?

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  • Andreas BrixenAndreas Brixen, almost 9 years ago

    Those metaballs are actually super easy to create in After Effects if anyone was wondering how its done.

    Metaball after effects

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  • Noah C, almost 9 years ago

    It's a great design and great motion prototype. Unfortunately in Apple's SDK they release for the Watch. There isn't that much motion that can be done for this device.

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  • Joe VillanuevaJoe Villanueva, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I like the animations, but I think some larger text is in order - with perfect vision, I can still barely read the watch text from the screen flow area on my Retina MBP, and those look like the actual-size versions of the watch.

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