Show DN: Readr for reddit - Medium like reader for Reddit

almost 9 years ago from , Designer at Flow

Hi DN, this is my first Show DN, so please be gentle.

For as long as I have been on reddit, I (and perhaps some of you) have felt the need for a better design for reddit, but still love the simplicity of its design. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought, 'Why not enhance small part of reddit without disrupting the current user flow.

Fast forward 2 caffeine fueled all nighters, and here it is : http://codepen.io/saransh/full/qEOLKj/

Readr for reddit adds a 'read' button under every reddit comment, clicking on which smoothly opens a beautiful, Medium-esque version that comment.

When you are done reading, just press either of the 2 close buttons, or use 'ESC' on your keyboard.

Shout out to r/AskReddit and r/WritingPrompts for prompting me to build this.

Feedback and feature requests welcome!