Looking for a design & Photoshop 101 course for a newbie

almost 9 years ago from , Founder at Little Arrows

One of my clients has an in-house community manager who is fairly design and Photoshop illiterate. I've been helping her where I can, but it's not feasible for me to review and update every social graphic. She's learned PSD basics but her overall design eye needs a lot of developing. Basic principles about typography, composition, and alignment are totally new to her.

The client has asked if I know of any graphic design courses that might help her along - either online or in-person. They're willing to invest some cash to train her. We're located in Los Angeles.

Have any of you had any success or heard of any good "101" programs that teach both design and Photoshop - with a web focus? Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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  • Kevin LeeKevin Lee, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Lynda, Tutsplus and Treehouse might be good places to check. I also mentor at a place called Bloc.io if your community manager feels she needs more of a personal touch when learning.

    I've been meaning to work on a simple series around these topics. While I don't think I'll be able to produce it in time for when you need it I'm curious if you could give me a better idea of what topics you think would be helpful in a practical sense for the "non-designer"?

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