• Philip AmourPhilip Amour, almost 9 years ago

    That's great news for the Relative Wave and horrendous news for people who were using it and relying on it!

    I can already see how they sunset the product -or- mess it up (just look at how Google is providing terrible UX in their iOS apps) -or- make it Android/Chrome only.

    May open source some templates/patches that I have created (responsive, easy to use and dynamic UITabBar and UINavigationBar).

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    • Denis SmirnovDenis Smirnov, almost 9 years ago

      Well, there is another possibility for Google to redirect the developers to another projects or something like that, just how it was with Sparrow app for mac that has ceased to evolve since acquisition.

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    • Account deleted almost 9 years ago

      From what I can tell - Google is fully backing the team and project and the plan is to keep it moving forward.

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    • Adam DebreczeniAdam Debreczeni, almost 9 years ago

      Hey Philip,

      We're going to actively work on Form at Google. It won't go away. We have ambitious plans for it.

      I'd love to see those patches -- they seem super helpful!

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  • Account deleted almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Google ----> Form.

    Facebook ----> Origami.

    Apple ----> ???????

    I am so excited for the prototyping wars

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    • Denis SmirnovDenis Smirnov, almost 9 years ago

      Apple bought about a month ago PRSS - not exactly a prototyping tool, but whole web-based digital publishing platform with great interface and interactivity capabilities as well. Might be the sign of the direction Apple going.

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    • Brendan GramerBrendan Gramer, almost 9 years ago

      Apple ----> XCode (I doubt they will ever release their internal UI prototyping tool, MICA)

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    • Matthew R. MillerMatthew R. Miller, almost 9 years ago

      I'm baffled that you came up with nothing for Apple, yet mention Origami, which is built on Apple's prototyping tool, Quartz Composer.

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      • Luke SeeleyLuke Seeley, almost 9 years ago

        Facebook promotes Origami as a prototyping tool and actively updates it. Google apparently has ambitious plans for Form that would likely include promotion. Apple doesn't, as far as I know, promote Quartz Composer, let alone promote it to designers as a prototyping tool.

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      • Account deleted almost 9 years ago

        Everyone's picking sides here - has apple promoted or supported Quartz? NO.

        The only tool they promote for prototyping is Keynote. Sorry I should have included that but I still think of it as a Presentation tool first - prototyping tool second.

        I only meant that companies are putting effort behind these things in big ways - but Apple has barely shown any public effort beyond Keynote in WWDC sessions.

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  • Fabian ValkenbergFabian Valkenberg, almost 9 years ago

    Is it possible to make standalone prototypes with form or do you always need a computer to connect to your phone to run the prototype?

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