• Keiran Lovett, almost 9 years ago

    My slightly new profile to showcase my game design work. Lot's of small issues to clean up I'm sure. Thoughts and critiques welcome and desired!! Pew pew!!

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    • Wesley MagnessWesley Magness, 8 years ago

      Hey Keiran, I'm not sure if you're still on the site but I checked out your portfolio and there's a lot of jitter from the scroll-jacking.

      I think you have some great images and clearly some great work so I would prioritize that on your index page. Maybe show current work or move the recent blog post link up so it's right below the nice personal intro.

      Not sure if you're still on the site so that's all I'll say for now but I hope you find the time to tweak it

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      • Keiran Lovett, 8 years ago

        Weird, I'm always on Designer News but this is actually the first time in a while I logged in.

        Yeah, I'd rather keep the blog posts on the bottom as they're less frequently updated as the actual showcase projects (which are in chronological order).

        Actually thinking of switching from AnchorCMS where I built this site onto Squarespace or another format. It's too much effort to custom design every page (as much as I love it).

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