• Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, almost 9 years ago

    Then... don't use it? I mean the first sentence says Alex quit using it, so that solves that problem.

    I mean I hate most of the "communities" that revolve around hatred that exist on the internet, but I'm certainly not sitting around dedicating my thought processes to hoping that Stormfront forums or 8chan go away - I don't use them, I ignore them, and I hope to add positivity to the world instead of thinking about the negative.

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    • Shaun TollertonShaun Tollerton, almost 9 years ago

      “Then... don't use it?” Haha, exactly!

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    • Jeff EscalanteJeff Escalante, almost 9 years ago

      Exactly what I was thinking. I can't comprehend how this dude doesn't even use the service but is mad about it's existence because it doesn't fit the way that he likes to use social media. Obviously it's quite popular and fits the way a lot of people use social media (and the way real life works, you aren't "subscribed" to "communities" you are on your own to do what you want), so why hate?

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    • Andrew CohenAndrew Cohen, almost 9 years ago

      I'm glad this comment got more upvotes than the actual post.

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    • Charlie McCullochCharlie McCulloch, almost 9 years ago

      I think the point is that twitter makes it easy for morons to harass people.

      So I can completely understand the desire to see a service disappear if one believes it is the cause of much pain to vulnerable people, which twitter objectively is, whether you like it or not.

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      • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, almost 9 years ago

        And those other ones that I named also do that through various methods. If Alex legitimately thinks Twitter is the primary or only method of trolling, harassing, and assaulting users, then I think Alex should take a walk around the block and rethink that. Twitter needs a lot of work on its abuse policies, but the past few weeks (and beyond) have shown us that those are kind of small fish in the bigger pond of harassment.

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    • Crampa ...Crampa ..., almost 9 years ago

      He disabled comments on his blog... I wonder why!

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  • Dani ReuvenDani Reuven, almost 9 years ago

    I think you don't understand the power of Twitter yet...

    Just because there is a negative buzz at the moment, it seems legit to say 'we don't need it'. you could never understand the impact and usefulness it gives around the world.

    I do agree there are some usability issues, but from here, to dismiss the entire concept...

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  • Jeremy WellsJeremy Wells, almost 9 years ago

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  • Account deleted almost 9 years ago

    I completely understand and appreciate his view, but it offers no solutions and worst of all - he closes down comments on his post - which then basically makes his rant a 140+ character tweet. He "broadcasted" (to use his word) - no different than the thing he was trashing.

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    • Lucas BebberLucas Bebber, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

      I don't think he is criticising broadcasting per se? In fact he is saying that it is one of the few things that it is good for.

      Also I don't think he has to offer any solution. Pointing out what is wrong can be tricky enough.

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  • James Young, almost 9 years ago

    I always viewed Twitter as a broadcast medium you can customise and modify pretty extensively to suit your needs.

    Every time I read some dramatic "I hate & quit X, Y or Z network" it's almost always down to the person not customising it well enough to suit their expectations.

    This is no different.

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  • Sam SolomonSam Solomon, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I love Twitter, though I've been pretty critical of them recently.

    I've made tons of friends with authors, people in the design industry, and those working on interesting projects. I wouldn't have discovered or become acquaintances with these people if it wasn't for Twitter.

    The flip side of meeting all these fantastic people, is that anybody—even those who want to be hateful can reach out using the same exact means.

    You can't take away the bad parts of Twitter, without also removing the best parts.

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  • Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, almost 9 years ago

    Yeah lets stick to IRC

    Fuck yeah 90s!

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  • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, almost 9 years ago

    A year ago I'd have claimed that this can't be a reasonable reaction.

    Now I'm not so sure. A social platform that provides no way to actually stay away from someone targeting you with hate/threats should be held responsible.

    A social platform that diminishes the gravity of a mob doing so, and still provides no way of avoiding it, is a sad thing to call acceptable.

    Cue people saying it's the victim's fault.

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    • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, almost 9 years ago

      Oh, there are definitely HUGE problems with Twitter and the way they handle abuse - and these have become especially visible in the past few weeks. I don't think anyone would argue this point.

      However, instead of thinking about a solution or offering up a way in which the idea of "Twitter" can become a more useful tool or prevent such abuse, writing a post saying "I hope it goes away" seems to me to just be adding more negativity to the whole thing.

      It's honest but also dumb.

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    • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, almost 9 years ago

      I don't think anyone's going to claim it's the victim's fault here.

      I'm in the camp where I think these problems on Twitter, Reddit, etc are reflective of the problems in our society. I don't blame Twitter for a bigoted hate mob, I blame the bigoted people who make up the mob.

      It's like blaming KitchenAid for a stabbing, or BIC for a death threat.

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      • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, almost 9 years ago

        Yes and no. If you were at a cooking convention, and had five people waving knives at people, always being menacing while they say it's for fun & play, would you not, at some point, tell the Expo to do something about it?

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  • Aymeric G, almost 9 years ago

    Twitter is lame because: no one really cares, w/e you say will quickly be lost and forgotten in the neverending stream of words.

    In this world if you do something significant enough, someone will write a book about it.

    I'm on my way to billions. I don't have time to tweet or to read what you tweet.

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  • Aundre KerrAundre Kerr, almost 9 years ago

    The concept of having entirely open discussion is why I like Twitter. YOU design the content that you want to see by picking who can contribute to it. When you see something that you want to talk about, you can openly discuss or even contest that viewpoint right then and there. Yes, this means it's open to harassment but so is every medium that allows public conversation. If you frequently find yourself under scrutiny for your points, grow thicker skin, form a better argument, or reevaluate what you're saying in a public environment on the internet.

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  • Zachary MorgenthalerZachary Morgenthaler, almost 9 years ago

    I think a lot of these things he talks about are what another man could view as features.

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  • Mitch De CastroMitch De Castro, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Without Twitter, I never would've come across DesignerNews.

    I never would have the breadth of resources I have now to educate myself as a designer when I'm not going to school.

    I wouldn't be introduced to ideas and stories from strangers around the world that I never would've come across anyway.

    I never would have the courage to pursue a career in technology and design had I not known that there was an accessible community out there.

    Seriously, what kind of crap did you follow on Twitter?

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  • David Trang, almost 9 years ago

    That's funny, I like Twitter for all the reason he hates it (minus the harassment part). I don't pretend it should be an all-encompassing social network that needs to do x, y and z perfectly for everyone.

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  • Alin PuriceAlin Purice, almost 9 years ago

    I totally agree. Twitter has become a troll heaven and if someone disagrees with you nothing will stop him from harassing you for days and days.

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    • Zach ReedZach Reed, almost 9 years ago

      Uhhh. Block them? Boom. They can no longer harass you. Haha It's not that complicated.

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      • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, almost 9 years ago

        You've never seen someone bombarded by sock puppets.

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        • Bryce DriesengaBryce Driesenga, almost 9 years ago

          I don't use Twitter much, so I'm curious. Do they harass through direct messages, or through mentions, or what? Is it possible to disable direct messages from everyone/most people?

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          • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, almost 9 years ago

            Mentions, mostly. You can't receive a direct message from someone you're not following (I think?)

            Harassers tweet replies to every tweet you make – always adding a bit of twisted rethoric that makes them sound more reasonable than you, and discredits what you say. All of which your followers will see if they click to look at the "conversation" about your tweet. It's all public.

            The effect, on Twitter, is that they drown the more infamous threats in a mob of people who slowy come into the conversation from believing the sneaky rethoric (and false info, often) is the whole story. It's basically the opposite of smashers/rioters joining a peaceful protest. They build the protest around themselves and use the protesters to reinforce their lies and claims to legitimacy.

            You can disable notifications for non-follower mentions and such (only for yourself), but people can infinitely create new accounts, for which the default setting is always that everyone will see their tweets and replies.

            Blocking is agressively an opt-in, per-user feature. And again, the default is a completely public status. Everything you might have blocked becomes visible if you visit your Twitter page and aren't connected. It can really break a person down.

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