• Ankkit ModiAnkkit Modi, almost 9 years ago

    http://venturebeat.com/2014/06/05/for-designers-version-control-is-a-big-problem-but-github-is-close-to-solving-it/ this post looks promising. also since sketch is still relatively small the guys who make it are super nice and respond to all questions. im sure you could bring this up and if github can support psd im sure they can start supporting various other formats.

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    • Paul TrottPaul Trott, almost 9 years ago

      I agree. their team are great. I emailed them recently and got a response in under 30mins.

      I asked specifically about EPS / AI file support: "Supporting more file types is on our radar, but we can't make any promises about if/when the ones you asked about might be supported. However, I'd be happy to pass on your request to the team -- thanks for expressing interested!"

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  • Paul TrottPaul Trott, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I've been looking for a long time. Every couple of months I start looking again, just incase something awesome has been created.

    This is the best I've found for local source control: http://www.pixelnovel.com/timeline

    Unsure if they're still werking on the product though. Last blog post June 18th, 2013 and only advertising CS6 support.

    Edit: But no sketch support. Adobe only.

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  • John Shpika, 6 years ago

    Try to check this - https://pics.io/version-control-for-designers

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  • Sappawish SiriponSappawish Siripon, almost 9 years ago

    Try this


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    • Yang MeyerYang Meyer, over 8 years ago

      Gemba creator here. Just to clarify, Gemba is for integrating exported assets into a source-code Git repository.

      For versioning PSD/AI/Sketch files I have been suggesting LayerVault, Pixelapse and GitHub.

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  • Erik BeesonErik Beeson, almost 9 years ago

    "Like git"? How about git? What is it about git that isn't what you're wanting?

    In theory, the OS X versions feature should give you incremental backups.

    In our shop, we have ChronoSync/ChronoAgent setup to make hourly backups of the project files on every system to a central server, which has saved our bacon a few times.

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    • Paul TrottPaul Trott, almost 9 years ago

      Here's some of the issues I have with most version control systems, equally applicable to GIT.

      1) No visual integration within industry standard design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator etc)

      2) Can't visually compare differences in industry standard file types (PSD, AI, EPS, .INDD etc)

      Drive backups(folders & files) and version control(track and compare individual file changes) are quite different.

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      • Darth BaneDarth Bane, almost 9 years ago

        Isn't GitHub showing PSDs nowadays? I haven't used it for that so not 100% sure but seem to remember that being announced not too long ago.

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        • Tim GauthierTim Gauthier, almost 9 years ago

          but he wanted local, there is a way to make the github view of psd's in a local environment, but basically you'll just be hosting a localhost type of github lol.

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        • Paul TrottPaul Trott, almost 9 years ago

          Yup, apparently it does. Something new i learnt today. =o)

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