What's your app's interaction flow?

almost 9 years ago from , UI desinger

Do visual design in photoshop then export to AE or Pixte/framerjs? which is your choice?

which is more useful to show your clients, the AE short movies or the interaction prototype?


  • Saffad KhanSaffad Khan, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Whiteboard > Pen+Paper > Sketch > Flinto+Pixate

    Usually use a whiteboard or Flinto to present the flow or story. It's also good a way of getting feedback from colleagues and user tests. Pixate for exploring complex interactions and animations, usually shown to developers and even users.

    I also couldn't do without this sketch book - http://dotgrid.co/product/dot-grid-template-book-iphone5/

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