Ask DN: 1. What's your role? 2. Are you remote? 3. How's that going?

9 years ago from , Experience Designer for the moving world

Hey guys, just wondering what the real stats for remote or distributed workers in our industry. - freelance, inhouse, or agency. - - 1. UX Designer at Digital Telepathy 2. In the DT Office 3. Great!


  • deleted userdeleted user, 9 years ago
    1. Web Design/Development
    2. 9/10 days remote.
    3. Very nice.

    Recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

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  • Mike KrukMike Kruk, 9 years ago
    1. Web/iOS Developer
    2. Yep. Home office.
    3. Started this full time summer of 2013. Loving it.
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  • Lete PaceyLete Pacey, 9 years ago
    1. Designer at Podio
    2. Citrix Copenhagen office
    3. Challenging, but exciting.

    We have all the tools in place, and are actively encouraged by Citrix to "workshift" (work from home). I just can't stand it, I like being the in the office with all these nice people, and I know the majority of them feel the same.

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    • Cody Iddings, 9 years ago

      Also one of the companies leading the charge in encouraging "workshifting?"

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      • Lete PaceyLete Pacey, 9 years ago

        Absolutely. It has a lot of benefits, it just doesn't work for me. But even that is acknowledged and respected :)

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  • Nelson Abalos JrNelson Abalos Jr, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )
    1. Digital Experience Designer
    2. In the Illumina office
    3. Going great and doing good.
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  • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, 9 years ago
    1. Web Design & Front-end dev
    2. Remote (Anyone need a full time guy? I'm looking! )
    3. Fantastic.

    I mainly work freelance, but I've dedicated a lot of time towards a startup lately as well. Remote is amazing, and if there was some way to elegantly express to an employer "pay me less if it means I can work remote" I would.

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    • Cody Iddings, 9 years ago

      That would be a really interesting sell to work remote!

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      • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, 9 years ago

        Definitely. But I completely understand the reasoning behind turning such an offer down. In-house team environments are much more close and tight-knit. Working remote takes away from that in some regards, so it's only really an option for certain types of work. Still, it's amazing to work in an industry where remote work is even an option (:

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        • Tyler WanlassTyler Wanlass, 9 years ago

          Hey Dustin,

          What sort of frontend stack do you prefer working with? Do you prefer more design or dev work (I can see you love both ;-).

          Drop me a line. We work with lots of remote designers and devs (out entire team is remote a well).


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    • Bowen LiBowen Li, 9 years ago

      We have nearly identical pixel portraits.

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  • Ricardo MagalhãesRicardo Magalhães, 9 years ago
    1. Developer (but sometimes Designer) for GatherContent (UK)
    2. Fully remote, although the company is based 30 minutes away from me.
    3. Just started with the remote working thing. I still find the need to head into our co-working space a couple of times of week, I'm still not fully ready for 100% remote working yet. But so far I'm loving the experience!
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  • Ran Segall, 9 years ago
    1. Co-founder & designer + some consulting
    2. Work from home, but we're in the same city and meet once a week.
    3. It's awesome.
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  • Arun PattnaikArun Pattnaik, 9 years ago
    1. Freelance UX designer.
    2. Gray area. I let client take the call & usually bill more for in-house work.
    3. Not bad at all.
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  • Chris Howard, 9 years ago
    1. WP plugin developer
    2. Full time working solo from home office.
    3. Love it! Love the total autonomy.
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  • Toby KellerToby Keller, 9 years ago
    1. Product/lead UI designer for an agency
    2. Full time remote (Thailand; team is in various US states & Mexico)
    3. Love it.
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  • jj moijj moi, 9 years ago
    1. UX/UI Lead
    2. Remote 70% of the time
    3. It's alright
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  • Tyler WanlassTyler Wanlass, 9 years ago
    1. UX & Design / Principal at micro user experience shop
    2. Yup! Entire team is :-D
    3. Work is great but remote has it's challenges
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  • Alex Wu, 9 years ago
    1. In-House Visual Designer/Media Coordinator
    2. I wish. Desk Job.
    3. Not too well, looking. I turn toward DN and Reddit everyday for inspiration :)

    Recently joined DN after reading Design+Code by Meng To. Definitely has inspired and motivated me to up my game and learn a ton of new things. Hopefully it'll lead me to a better place :)

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  • Chris R.Chris R., 9 years ago
    1. Freelance interface designer.
    2. Yes, remote every day. Sometimes I visit a client's office for a meeting or at the start of a new project, but not often. Mostly we talk through email or phone conferences.
    3. NOT BAD.

    This month I worked from New York, Maryland, Virginia and tomorrow I'm flying to the Bay Area. Launched 2 projects and starting a new one next week.

    The flexible schedule and location can be great for productivity, but it's difficult to sync downtime with friends or a partner who has a more stable schedule.

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  • Jeremy WellsJeremy Wells, 9 years ago
    1. Creative Director / Product Designer
    2. Full-time Remote
    3. Wonderfully
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  • Matas GreceviciusMatas Grecevicius, 9 years ago
    1. Lead designer in small agency (that means I do bits of everything)
    2. Agency
    3. Wavy - I love my job, but sometimes pressure is too high
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