• Bjarke DaugaardBjarke Daugaard, 9 years ago

    I get 100GB of data for $50 a month (including unlimited calls and texts) for my iPhone. Just buying an extra battery for your phone and enable tethering would make this gadget obsolete.

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    • Wesley HainesWesley Haines, 9 years ago

      what on earth kind of service do you have?

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      • Bjarke DaugaardBjarke Daugaard, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

        Advanced subscription in Denmark. Most people just use a standard solution with 10GB, 5 hours and free texts for $20-25

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    • Joe CJoe C, 9 years ago

      I pay £12/month and get unlimited data, but my provider 'disables' tethering for anyone on the unlimited contract. Bummer. :(

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    • Andreas Ubbe Dall, 9 years ago

      I recently moved to the states from Denmark, and the services here are terrible.

      AT&T gave me 2gb data for 60$ a month, and 1gb extra data costs 10$.

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  • Jesse BrackJesse Brack, 9 years ago

    I've owned one for about half a year now, I use it primarily when commuting to work on the Bart. Service is not bad, spotty in places but that is to be expected while travelling, although, when it has a good signal speeds are great. It's pretty small, lightweight, and was really easy to setup.

    But the main reason I enjoy my Karma is the non-subscription based service. I only use it every once in a while when I need to work while commuting or in places where I can't find readily available wi-fi, so I couldn't justify paying for a monthly subscription. My work consumes very little bandwidth so my pre-paid data goes a long way. I wouldn't recommend it for everyday browsing, your allotted data will dry up quickly.

    I haven't had any strangers connect to my Karma yet but I've had friends try it and the whole process is pretty nice.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, 9 years ago

    Lovely site.

    The svg stroke icons are a real treat - they don't look as great when scaled up to the size of my monitor, but I like their style and personality.

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  • Wes OudshoornWes Oudshoorn, 9 years ago

    I used it in NYC while traveling there. It was great as a traveler to be connected on your phone all day long, just kept it in my backpack and it just worked.

    Had quite a lot of people connect to it though, giving me some free megabytes. I met the founder as well, he told me they had some great results on using this on food trucks as an additional service (people could also get 25MB of data extra if they liked a page on FB).

    Think this technology really has a feature if the connections are getting faster and more stable. Just imagine having a 50mbit+ wifi connection with you at all times with unlimited data and good service.

    Also, the hardware and onboarding is extremely great.

    @Manik, Robert is working at Google now, are you working with him by any chance?

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  • Taron GhazaryanTaron Ghazaryan, 9 years ago

    Looks like a sweet product, but $150 is a little steep.

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    • Andrew Richardson, 9 years ago

      +$14/GB... Seems like a lot to pay for convenience. I guess for some people it's probably well worth it but probably not for me.

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  • Chris SlowikChris Slowik, 9 years ago

    I had a Karma before they had LTE.. still have it.

    Great service, reasonable price, excellent design and onboarding. Really a delight to use.

    I've accumulated over a gb of free data just from people connecting to it. It doesn't sound like a lot, but the way I used my Karma, it meant another month of mobile internet for free. Pretty cool.

    Now I tether my phone because it's included.. but for someone looking to get away from cell phones and contracts, Karma is amazing - and now with LTE.... man, I'm thinking about going back =]

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  • Tom RantalaTom Rantala, 9 years ago

    Hmm.. It never stops amazing me how expensive mobile data is around the world.

    Here in Finland I have 4G with unlimited data with up to 100mbit in cities + 1000 mins and 1000 sms + iPhone 5 = 57 dollars per month.

    Karma's brand is cool and everything but in the wonderland of almost free mobile data Karma is kind of useless. You can just tether. :)

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  • Dan GaileyDan Gailey, 9 years ago

    I tried using this around the mission and it just never would work. Four Barrel is a dead zone especially.

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