Asking Mobile designers, How do you create your assets ?

9 years ago from , Senior Experience Designer at Yahoo

The new XCode lets you create your assets in .PDF files which is genious in many ways.

Android is kinda messy as they only accept .PNG files and one on each folder.

What do you use to create your Android assets ?

As a designer that designs for both platforms, I'm looking for a way where I have vectors (sketch preferably) and something magically generates all the possible sizes and folders.

Help DN :)


  • Yigit PinarbasiYigit Pinarbasi, almost 9 years ago

    Hey Marcelo,

    I'm working xhdpi sizes which means 2x for IOS. At the end of work, I create a UI kit that images will be export. Then I scale up xxhdpi that means multiplication with 2. That gives me xxhdpi sizes of images.

    After that, naming folder names and export with Cut & Slice Me plug-in for Photoshop.

    You can find it here : http://www.cutandslice.me

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  • Rune Lund-Hermansen, almost 9 years ago

    I'm biased but you might want to check out PNG Express for Photoshop.


    It exports to all iOS and Android densities from one source resolution, and respects file & folder naming conventions for each platform. It also exports Android 9patches to all densities with quality scaling (no bitmap scaling) and you can export those from the same source as your iOS assets so you don't have to maintain multiple sources.

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  • Sean LesterSean Lester, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Does this, posted recently, do what you're looking for?


    Errr I see now it appears to be ios specific?

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