Where to find dummy text in Chinese and other languages?

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Is there a trustworthy source for dummy text in Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew etc.?

Should be some type of Lorem ipsum, to avoid embarrassing or unintentionally hilarious content.


  • Eric HuEric Hu, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Just go to Wikipedia and click on one of the languages on the front page and get their article of the day.

    Lorem ipsum only works for us psychologically because it's in a different language (Latin vs English). It's gibberish but not in our native language so it doesn't distract us. It kind of doesn't work in the same way with Asian characters. Putting gibberish but in a language the user understands would be distracting.

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    • Paul Gaspar, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

      Thanks Eric. Good point, I did not think about that. It is still somehow difficult.

      For example: How to fill a login form - the name field - with a Chinese dummy name? With the first two words of a random Wikipedia article? That would be 美國 today (I just guess these are two words and have no idea what it means).

      But that's like a lottery. Maybe we need to pay a translator.

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      • Koen SlagterKoen Slagter, 9 years ago

        For a name you could just use google translate, John doe in english translates to 李四 in chinese

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