Ask DN: What project management tool do you use?

9 years ago from , Freelance Designer

To do lists just aren't cutting it for me anymore. Between the onslaught of work piling on my desk from my day job and all of my freelance and personal projects my to-do lists are looking more like a garbled mess. What project management tools do you use? Thanks!


  • Joseph AlbaneseJoseph Albanese, 9 years ago

    We use Trello.

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  • Hiral VHiral V, 9 years ago

    Try 92fiveapp (http://92fiveapp.com). Its awesome for freelancers and small teams. Best part is its self hosted. Here is the git hub repo https://github.com/chintanbanugaria/92five

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  • , 9 years ago

    For those that use Trello, how do you set your boards up?

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    • Lee Fuhr, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

      I like having all my work in front of me on one page.

      So I have a list per project. I tend to stick a card at the top of each project list with links and information I want to keep handy. The rest of the list is tasks.

      Then I have a "[To do]" list, and an "[Awaiting feedback]" list. I move cards from my various project lists into my one "To do" list, keeping them in priority order. Ideally, then, I always just work on the top thing in the "To do" list. When I'm done with that task, I move it over to the "Awaiting feedback" list so I can keep an eye on it. When it's done ferreals, I move it back to the project list (at the bottom), or just Archive it.

      Oh and I also have an "[Inbox]" list to catch stuff I email in. The three bracketed lists are my leftmost lists.

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      • Arma GetronArma Getron, 9 years ago

        I've wanted to do something similar to this but I just couldn't get over how I would store my past projects. I assume you archive your project lists when they are done, is it a hassle to go back and try to find old projects in the archive area?

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        • Lee Fuhr, 9 years ago

          I worried about this too, but I just archive lists for projects that are really and truly done, and I haven't yet had to go back. So I don't even know if it's a hassle.

          You could also just make a separate board for "Archived projects".

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    • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 9 years ago

      I talked a bit about how we organise our boards on this other thread.

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  • Removed AccountRemoved Account, 9 years ago


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  • Chris BraccoChris Bracco, 9 years ago

    Pivotal Tracker, Jira, and Basecamp are the ones I've found myself using the most between 9-5/freelance/personal projects.

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    • Anne M.Anne M., 9 years ago

      Hi Chris B.,

      May I ask why you use three different tools rather than managing everything in one? I'm wishing there was one tool I can use for everything!

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  • Alexander ObenauerAlexander Obenauer, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    A friend just introduced me to Google Sites (edit: that sounds ridiculous. He introduced me to using Google Sites as a PM). We use it like an intranet wiki where anyone with a "@mindsense.co" email address can log in and make edits. It covers everything from our company-wide stuff to task and issue tracking for Mail Pilot. For example, here is our sidebar:


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  • Carlo VersoCarlo Verso, 9 years ago

    ASANA.com - strange, that it was not mentioned here. Free up to 30people. Best we tried.

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  • James LaCroixJames LaCroix, 9 years ago

    We are using Trello since often tasks can exist in stages other than done or not done. Additionally, Trello helps to provide a visual overview of the current state of a project.

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  • Arthur Lambillotte, 9 years ago

    We're using Teamwork

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  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 9 years ago

    Combination of trello + post-it notes (which we organise as a kanban-style board similar to how trello works — we just like having stuff visible 24/7 so the more important stuff goes on the wall rather than on a screen).

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  • Eli SladeEli Slade, 9 years ago

    Slack + Pivotal Tracker

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  • Rober GonzálezRober González, 9 years ago

    Jira + Jira Agile

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  • Juvoni BeckfordJuvoni Beckford, 9 years ago

    For those that use Trello for Side Projects.. What is your approach/Setup?

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  • Jordan IsipJordan Isip, 9 years ago

    GitHub Issues for smaller projects, Asana for bigger projects that need more collaboration across multiple teams, and starred GMail emails for personal to-dos.

    I've also used Basecamp and Pivotal in the past for larger projects but these days I prefer Asana.

    PS. (shameless plug) my project, Taco (https://tacoapp.com), brings these type of to-do lists together in one single place. It doesn't replace any of these other task services, but when it's time to prioritize and focus on a few tasks across multiple projects, it's nice to eliminate distractions.

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  • Eileen ChiEileen Chi, 9 years ago

    KanbanFlow. The features are similar to Trello, with a built-in Pomodoro timer.

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 9 years ago


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  • Stefan TrkuljaStefan Trkulja, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )


    Buy the self-hosted license once and you can do anything with this tool, large and small projects, teams, clients etc. We've been using it since forever.

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  • Rich Lunghino, 9 years ago

    We are using Teamwork (https://www.teamwork.com/) after coming over from Trello. I still use Trello for my side projects.

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  • Josh Abrams, 9 years ago

    I've opted for ApolloHQ, I came from Trello and switched to it. I would make the same decision 1000 times over.

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