• Bob CechacekBob Cechacek, 9 years ago

    Done is better than perfect most of the time. It’s okay to indulge in a minor sin if we‘re aware it’s done for a good reason (i.e., to save everyone’s time, money, and designers’ sanity). Who wouldn’t resist * border-box?

    The author clearly does not take best practices or his words too seriously. Preaching water and drinking wine, aren’t we? :)

    My favorite part of author’s CSS (there’s a whole lot more!) .

    .highlight .cm { color: #75715e }

    .highlight .cp { color: #75715e }

    .highlight .c1 { color: #75715e }

    .highlight .cs { color: #75715e }

    .highlight .ge { font-style: italic }

    .highlight .gs { font-weight: bold }

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