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    Full disclaimer: I work at Google but I have no connection to Drive, docs, etc. I also stopped reading at "Google's New Process and Why it's Just Bad UX Design" bc this reads like a childish rant rather than a well-thought out critique

    "Foursquare recently attempted to pull the same kind of stunt with disastrous results. They separated their check-in functionality from their main app creating a new app called Swarm. Foursquare users are up in arms. "

    Well, no. Google 'split' (they were separate already) apps for distinctly different features. Drive is storage, Docs edits 'docs, Sheets edit excel-style docs, etc.

    This analogy, along with a big part of this article is just "I'm mad because something is different and I had to spend two painful taps on my screen to download a free app."

    At the very least, since everyone is different and his argument may be valid, he should be comparing it to Apple, which has apps that are so similar. But, that doesn't seem so flashy because, go figure, they're also separate apps.

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      The "separateness" of apps is one reason I stopped using dedicated document editors and switched almost entirely to Google Drive.

      I love Google Drive, but the extra steps it now takes to return to the "Drive" has dramatically decreased the ease of use in my opinion. Enough that I find myself using it less, especially on my mobile devices.

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