• Nathan ManousosNathan Manousos, 9 years ago

    I kinda like this type of focused UI, but it would be a lot easier to use if I didn't need to click to focus on text inputs.

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  • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, 9 years ago

    Looking pretty nice, reminds me of the recently launched Virgin Airlines site: https://www.virginamerica.com/

    This demo had some error-checking that prevented me from returning to an earlier form input though, which is no bueno.

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  • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 9 years ago

    Interesting experiment. I came up with a similar concept for a project I worked on recently.

    It's hard to get an accurate estimate of how effective this might be because there's so many unrelated usability problems distracting attention from the form. It has some potential though.

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  • James FryerJames Fryer, 9 years ago

    I always love the stuff cordons puts out. Always pushing the boundaries!

    In this instance however I think there's a pretty narrow use-case for this type of UX. Consider that every interaction you put in the way of a potential user is going increase the number of "drop-offs". I think you'd find this could create a lot of user frustration during something like a sign-up process. That said, pretty cool stuff going on here.

    As a side note, I recently implemented something along these lines for a sign-up page at rntl.co with full-screen select inputs, my idea was to grow this into a fully fledged form tool with multiple steps. However, I'm pretty certain this won't make the final build. As pretty as it is, sometimes a straight form is just better.

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  • Omid SadeghpourOmid Sadeghpour, 9 years ago

    Hi Jonathan,

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