• Bob WassermannBob Wassermann, 9 years ago

    Damn, I really liked Josh at The Verge

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  • Floyd WilliamsonFloyd Williamson, 9 years ago

    I wouldn't want to stay at The Verge either.

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    • Jordan BorthJordan Borth, 9 years ago

      why is that?

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      • Floyd WilliamsonFloyd Williamson, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

        They used to be consistently good, but as they have gotten bigger they have increasingly resorted to many of the practices I hate about tech sites (and sites in general): mindless filler stories to fill daily quotas, click bait titles, and so on. Its sad, mostly because I was hoping they would be a refreshing alternative to the status quo.

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  • Sean O'GradySean O'Grady, 9 years ago

    And the equally brilliant Nilay Patel is heading back from Vox.com to lead the way

    'Nilay being a badass'

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  • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, 9 years ago

    Get paid that big media money, retain that exploding startup equity. Sounds like a great double-dip.

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