Results: DN Survey of Design Salaries 2014

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More than 1,000 responses from 58 countries were submitted. Here are the results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NnAAgwen1SoxkdyuLB0TyTNP0FwfSsF6D3nDaFzpnpA/edit?usp=sharing

I was hoping to display results with some visual wizardry. Alas, my schedule hasn't been as kind as I had hoped. Please feel free to visualize the data if your schedule allows.


– Highest annual compensation reported: $950,000 for Developer (Mid) in Palo Alto, California.

– Lowest reported: $200 for Freelancer (self-employed) in Tunisia.

– $115,500 median compensation reported for Creative/Design Director, compared to $75,000–$100,000 in AIGA's survey (http://designsalaries.aiga.org).

– $85,716 median compensation for Sr. Designer, compared to $62,500 for the same in AIGA's.

– Some median figures were lower than AIGA's. However, keep in mind that AIGA is comprised primarily of members in the United States, whereas the DN survey included responses from 58 countries. Also keep in mind that total responses for AIGA's survey were higher (sometimes significantly) than in this survey.