The new Tumblr for Android

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The new Tumblr for Android looks pretty great, but I think the placement and design of the menu is a little inconvenient. The new menu expands from the bottom-right, and seems to be a little inconvenient for right-handed users. To tap on the icons closer to the edge of the phone, they'd have to really bend their thumb, or tap it with a finger on their left hand. Ideally, it should let you choose the side on which the menu button appears, and how it expands, since that kinda depends on which hand you use your phone with. What do you think, DN?


  • Matt FloresMatt Flores, over 10 years ago

    Huh. That's pretty cool looking. It'd be nice if you could change the position in the settings.

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  • Cole PetersCole Peters, over 10 years ago

    Very interesting to see the Path-style/overlaid-dot menu propagating across apps. First Facebook Messenger, now Tumblr. Makes me wonder if it could reach Hamburger status of ubiquity. ;)

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