Don't touch my scroll

10 years ago from , Co-founder at AppSignal

I wish we would leave scrolling behavior intact. Don't touch it. Don't try to be fancy.

Parralax can be nice, but 90% of the times it just makes sure the users reach the bottom of your website faster. It hardly ever improves the reading experience.

If you implement a scroll to go to a next section, the experience will break more. I recently spotted www.ringle39.com - gorgeous pictures, but the scrolling behavior ruins it all. There are much more examples to be found out there.

I feel that just when we're getting rid of "the fold" in favor of scrolling, we're starting to abuse scrolling.

So please. Don't touch my scroll.


  • Joshua HughesJoshua Hughes, 10 years ago

    We killed Flash, but unfortunately the spirit of Flash still lives on in sites like these.

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  • Tom BryanTom Bryan, 10 years ago

    That website is horrible - check out the team section and try to read the bios. Then try to select some of the text.

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    • Wes Oudshoorn, 10 years ago

      Tom, I have no idea how to get to the team section. It's a shame, since the photography is beautiful.

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  • Benjamin GageBenjamin Gage, 10 years ago

    While I appreciate what parallax seeks to achieve (a different way to think and interact with websites), there is too much disconnect between the mouse scrolling and animation for me. Scrolling on this site (as well as many others) becomes really jumpy and totally takes away from the content.

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  • Jason BlockJason Block, 10 years ago

    It's also a performance nightmare. Admittedly, my rMBP just doesn't drive websites well, but I can't imagine that it's performant on most systems to hijack the scroll and redraw everything every couple of milliseconds.

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