Ask DN: Are there any tools that would allow colleagues to review a website?

9 years ago from , Web Designer

I work on a design and development team that updates and creates new pages. When we're doing anything new we create a page and send it off to other people in Marketing so that they can review it. Right now, they usually respond via email with the changes they would like made. In Adobe's Acrobat program you can drop comments on a pdf in different places on the page and it tracks who made which comment, are there any tools like that for website review? I know that this is possible through many prototyping programs, but we just need the review part of things, we already have a prototyping service.


  • David KizlerDavid Kizler, 9 years ago

    Google Drive/Docs is pretty nice for allowing multiple people to collaborate on documentation. Not sure if it's exactly what you're describing, but I've used it before while working with a big team and it seemed to work well.

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