Dear Sketch: we need to talk about that rotation thing

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Watch this: http://recordit.co/idIn0rtpJE

  1. Create objects.
  2. Group them.
  3. Rotate the whole group.
  4. Create new object outside the group.
  5. Drag the new object inside the group.
  6. New object is automatically rotated too.

Am I the only one who thinks that makes no sense? When would that ever be the desired behavior?

And most importantly, how do I tell Sketch to stop doing this?!


  • anthony thomasanthony thomas, 9 years ago

    Sketch is not a human being that you have a "talk" with. If you want to tell it to stop doing this, bring it up as a suggestion in the Sketch support forum. Enough of these Sketch complaint posts.

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  • Sacha Greif, 9 years ago

    Oh and as if that wasn't already annoying enough, even shadows are rotated too! When would you ever need shadows pointing in different directions?!

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  • Yannis SteriotisYannis Steriotis, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    I believe that the way Sketch doing this is the right way. If you don't want this behavior make a separate group of the last element grouped with the already other group, like this:

    newGroup = arrow4 + Group(arrow1 + arrow2 + arrow3)

    or else you can un-group the first group and then group all the elements together. With this way the arrow4 will keep it's first rotating value which is zero.

    No please Sketch, keep this feature as it is!

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    • Guilherme Storck, 8 years ago

      Yep! Ungrouping has worked for me. In simple ungrouped objects, resetting rotation can be done in Layer > Paths > Flatten.

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  • Kyle Hickinson, 9 years ago

    From what I see, Sketch treats groups as a layer. If you click on a group, it has its own position, size, and transform properties in the side-bar.

    So if you rotate a group, it's really rotating the group as its own layer, not setting a rotation property on each individual layer. You can see this if you rotate a group then click on a layer inside that group, it won't have the same rotation value as the group itself.

    Thats probably why this happens, so my guess is its intentional. If you want to work around it then don't apply a transform to a group, apply it to its contents.

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    • Yakim van ZuijlenYakim van Zuijlen, 9 years ago

      The rotation is definitely applied to the group. All of the objects inside it will inherit it. My guess is that it's not intentional. But it's just hard to fix. It's hard to rotate objects in a group, and also calculate the x and y position for each object at the same time, I think.

      But it's definitely something they should fix.

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      • Kyle Hickinson, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

        But thats the thing, the objects inside don't actually inherit the rotation property (or any transforms) unless you forcibly ungroup the entire group.

        You can see this happen by grouping a few rects, applying any transform, be it rotate, or flip, then dragging one rect layer out of the group. The one you drag out will have no transforms on it.

        The way I see it, Sketch's groups simply compose all the groups layers into a single bitmap/render and then apply transforms you set on the group to it. By ungrouping it applies those transforms to the layers within it.

        Because of the above reasoning, that's why I see this as intentional behaviour and not a bug.

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        • Yakim van ZuijlenYakim van Zuijlen, 9 years ago

          That's actually what I meant. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. :)

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        • c kizerc kizer, 9 years ago

          It's not deliberate to cause headaches. They are aware of the frustrating it causes. Too fix it just means reworking the rendering engine. The good news is they are always reworking the rendering engine :-)

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  • Thibaut NinoveThibaut Ninove, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    The most annoying thing about how Sketch handles rotation is the edition of a rotated object (e.g. size changes) that's completely out of control.


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  • Tea Pajkic, over 7 years ago

    Check out "Ok, so why on earth would you Flatten a shape?" for your rotate problem. The only solution I found!


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  • c kizerc kizer, 9 years ago

    More than just that: Rotation with all objects Merged objects Triangles

    Shadows, and resizing a single corner and you have to use the arrow keys in the opposite direction.

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  • c kizerc kizer, 9 years ago


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  • Gabriel BrodersenGabriel Brodersen, 9 years ago

    I'm having problems with simple things like copy/pasting with offset. My pasted object always lands in the center of the artboard, regardless of the Offset checkbox in Settings.

    Until the Sketch team fixes these most basic errors that frustrate me every single day I use Sketch, I won't even dare sitting with a client, wasting their time trying to control all these bugs.

    I really the Bohemian overcome this asap. Until then, I can't recommend Sketch.

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  • David KlawitterDavid Klawitter, 9 years ago

    Yup, yup, yup. Don't know if the behavior is intentional or not but it's certainly not desired for me.

    I'm not so sure I like adjusted the height and then having it change width-wise after rotating 90 degrees. That gets difficult to deal with when it's a few icons amongst many.

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  • Timur Carpeev, 9 years ago

    Yeah, rotation is weird, annoys me as well

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