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What is your favourite app for note taking? For me I've been using Evernote on my iphone and recently google keep on my android.


  • Zach MillerZach Miller, 10 years ago

    IA Writer

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  • Bryan Maniotakis, almost 10 years ago

    I'm a big fan of byword - It has a minimalist approach similar to IA writer, with cloud support and multi platform apps.


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  • Max SchultzMax Schultz, almost 10 years ago

    github gists

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  • Ernest Ojeh, almost 10 years ago

    I use the default notes app on my mac & sync it with my google account.

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, almost 10 years ago

    Simplenote via nvALT. Best setup I've experienced so far.

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  • Jake ZienJake Zien, 10 years ago

    Workflowy. Holy shit, Workflowy.


    It's really a web app, but they have an iOS app too, and it works offline. I've tried so many notetaking services, and only Workflowy stuck — particularly remarkable as in every other case, I prefer a native app. But I've found that when it comes to notes, lightweight wins.

    Here's how it works: it's an endless, nesting bulleted list, wherein one click focuses on any sublist, bringing it to the the top level. That's all, unless you count search and tagging. Rather than teaching you its notetaking system, this super simple mechanism adapts to yours, like paper does. It also eliminates a ton of cognitive overhead that you find in other note apps (I'm looking at you, Evernote), as you never have to decide when to create a new document, how to structure your notetaking, or which bucket to put things in.

    I swear I don't work for them, I just really love Workflowy!

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    • Jeff UbelhorJeff Ubelhor, almost 10 years ago

      It's a shame that the linked site offers nothing in the way of pictures, descriptions or really anything that describes what the product is on the front page other than a video, which many people won't ever click on. The tweets are mentally blocked by many people and other than that it's a huge sign up page for a product that the visitor has no idea what it does.

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  • Johannes HerseniJohannes Herseni, 10 years ago

    Writing Kit and Drafts on iOS, syncing with nvAlt on the Mac.

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