Ask DN: Which web host do you use?

over 9 years ago from , Designer (mike-barker.com)

I'm leaving Dreamhost for various reasons.

I have been trialling Digital Ocean, however it's not very good for Wordpress or multiple site hosting (without getting expensive). I've eliminated MediaTemple and BlueHost from the running.

Are there any other hosting companies out there worth using for 10+ small traffic sites with support for PHP?


  • Nicholas BurroughsNicholas Burroughs, over 9 years ago

    For Wordpress hosting, check out Flywheel.


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  • Eric Chu, over 9 years ago

    I've really liked http://www.asmallorange.com/ - straightforward, honest, great support, good prices.

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  • Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis, over 9 years ago

    Q: how is DO expensive for WP? I have 30+ sites that total hundreds of thousands of visits a month and I pay $20/month there. I use a single CentOS droplet.

    They're faster and more reliable than MediaTemple too.

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    • Mike Barker, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

      I had heard nothing but good things about DO however my one droplet/site goes down on a weekly basis, losing it's db connection. I'll google it again but I recall trying to host more than one wordpress site per droplet was not easy to set up and meant the loss of post-title based urls. That said I may continue to use it for one-off non-php/mysql sites (want to try running a ghost site).

      Update: found the solution for enabling pretty links when setting up multiple sites. Will do a test run, however it doesn't solve the random weekly database connection issues.

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      • Mike SMike S, over 9 years ago

        Regarding your DB going down; without knowing your setup or droplet stats, it may be a memory issue. I ran into this a while ago & cured it by adding swap.

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      • Antoine Lord, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

        I had exactly the same problem. The default configuration for MySQL is not adequate, so you need to configure MySQL yourself properly.

        This script can help you : MySQL Tuner

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    • Account deleted over 9 years ago

      Awesome! I would love to switch to Digital Ocean, however I'm used to managed hosting and cPanel. Do you have any resources, tips or tricks to get started? I would really appreciate if I could get some advice from a experienced DO user like you.

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  • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I use Digital Ocean for myself and all my clients. I've since scaled back to a single droplet, but at one point I was managing 23 sites on the $10/$20 plan (depending on usage), and I host my own sites (5, currently) on the $5 plan. I was a total newbie to DIY hosting on virtual servers when I started, DO has a fantastic community of tutorials and guides for pretty much anything. Seriously, there are guides detailing setting up Minecraft servers, installing a LAMP stack, setting up and optimizing any combination of Wordpress setups, and a lot more. I highly recommend DO, but if rolling your own isn't ideal then Flywheel or A Small Orange are the runners up.

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  • David DíazDavid Díaz, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I've been using Webfaction for a couple of years now and it's always been great. Great pricing, amazing support and ease of use of a managed hosting packaged + the flexibility of a VPS. Highly recommended.

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  • Floyd WilliamsonFloyd Williamson, over 9 years ago

    I use 'Digital Ocean' for myself, and 'A Small Orange' for everyone else.

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I've been using HostMonster - www.hostmonster.com/track/jshariat/ (Referral link because why not?) for about 6 years now. It's good if all you have is static site, wordpress, or simple webapp.

    The price is unbeatable: Unlimited* for ~$6-7/mo

    *With a few restrictions, like using it for backing up photos, applied.

    I got on the front page of reddit with a flash game I made, and got hit with 200k users, and my site handled it just fine.

    Also the customer support has always been quick and friendly, even with dumb questions about how to do this or that.

    I have tried quite a few others since then, for clients or friends, still nothing has beat it for me.

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  • Oskar RoughOskar Rough, over 9 years ago

    Have you tried Media Temples updated grid service? It's quite good. Jumpstarter is good as well. Offers SSH + lots of one-click installers: http://jumpstarter.io is

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  • Tyler WanlassTyler Wanlass, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    +1 for DO. Use their beta LAMP stack and setup virtual hosts for multiple sites. If configured right it will be blazing fast and cost effective (even for larger sites or apps).

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  • Alex IonescuAlex Ionescu, over 9 years ago

    I use FutureHosting. Pretty happy with them. I used WiredTree in the past and they were really good, but a bit pricy.

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  • ミンニシオ 。ミンニシオ 。, over 9 years ago


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  • Taulant SulkoTaulant Sulko, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    Get something like Webmin for Digital Ocean. It will make it easier to manage virtual hosts.

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  • Sam Pierce LollaSam Pierce Lolla, over 9 years ago


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  • Philip LesterPhilip Lester, over 9 years ago

    Can I ask why you've eliminated MediaTemple? I have a 4GB VPS and it's been rock solid for 4+ years. No downtime except when I've done a manual reboot.

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  • Razvan HRazvan H, over 9 years ago

    I recently switched from MediaTemple DV to Linode and I couldn't be happier.

    It's faster, less expensive and they have good support too.

    I've written about my experience so far here: http://lifeofadesigner.com/personal/mediatemple-to-linode-transition/

    I highly reccomend Linode.

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  • Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony, over 9 years ago

    Currently have the (gs) service from MediaTemple; however, I only use it for hosting my portfolio (which is $17/month). So whenever I can get around it, I'll be switching to GitHub Pages hosting. Reason being is that it's super easy to push changes live and it's free. Although GitHub Pages does not support PHP, Ruby, ect. Just static HTML and CSS.

    If you are looking at having around 10 sites with PHP though, MediaTemple is a great solution. For one, it's relatively cheap for what you get. The support is outstanding. Seriously. It is also very easy to manage many sites at once, which I think many other options don't have that kind of simplicity.

    Anyways, I hope this helped! Good luck.

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  • Yifan JinYifan Jin, over 9 years ago

    I have servers on both Linode and INIZ although I do like prefer using a VPS and managing it myself.

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  • Luke Whitehouse, over 9 years ago

    Big Wet Fish are really great, they offer some of the best support I've ever had from a company and they're pretty active on Twitter too. They've even given free pizza! http://www.bigwetfish.co.uk/whmcs/aff.php?aff=394 (aff link ftw)

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  • Mars El-BougriniMars El-Bougrini, over 9 years ago

    I use Site5, they have been really good for me...

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