• Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, over 9 years ago

    Hi all! I'm the person behind the teardown, in case you're feeling chatty.

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    • Piet AukemanPiet Aukeman, over 9 years ago

      Chill beard.

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    • Sean LesterSean Lester, over 9 years ago

      This was probably one of the more critical ones. I think it's a nice change and showing problems and offering solutions is as insightful as showing off what people did really well!

      Man, the photography in this app is kind of... awful. It's not presenting any particular mood or lifestyle or "brand" and it really isn't selling me on the product at all. On the other hand, it feels authentic? Like - I suppose it's true to the expectations of how people will likely use the app.

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      • Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, over 9 years ago

        This was definitely the MOST critical thus far. I always try to maintain a default perspective of assuming things were designed as they are for a reason, but there are times where things simply don't seem to add up, and this was one of them.

        Personally, I think this is a great example of a reasonably-designed onboarding experience being saddled with communicating the value of a product that was a bit contrived to begin with. That said, I really tried my best to maintain some objectivity and deference throughout.

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    • Greg Mathews, over 9 years ago

      Wooo!!!! I love your stuff! Thanks for doing this!

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  • Thibault MaekelberghThibault Maekelbergh, over 9 years ago

    <3 Useronboard

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  • Thomas MoesThomas Moes, over 9 years ago

    Great teardown once again!

    I think you're right in that it shows through that the marketing proposition isn't totally clear. Which means giving an onboarding designer an almost impossible task to accomplish to begin with.

    Even to me, after watching the onboarding flow (and seeing what the 'completed status' has in store for me) I'm not entirely sure that I would want to go through all the effort.

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  • Rob AlanRob Alan, over 9 years ago

    Hahaha, apropos duck lips. Great teardown.

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  • Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, over 9 years ago

    @Dean Thank you very much for adding this!

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