• Oliver Waters, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Hey guys! We have just launched Stache and would love to get your feedback.

    Stache makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable library.

    If you've had enough of organising browser bookmarks, scrolling through overwhelming reading lists and web services which never seemed to hit the mark on simple bookmarking, you'll probably enjoy Stache.

    We've kept things as simple as possible, with three main features:

    1. Visual bookmarks (to help you quickly identify pages)
    2. Full content search (find anything quickly without organisation)
    3. Page archiving (full-page screenshot and web archive)

    Everything is stored locally and bookmarks will sync up with the iOS companion app over iCloud.

    Here to answer any questions and would love to hear your feedback! Thanks.

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    • Sallar KaboliSallar Kaboli, 9 years ago

      Hi, Im looking into getting this, but have two questions:

      1- Is a trial version available? 2- How does the import tool work? I currently use Kippt but I don’t like web-based solutions since they are hard to access. I have bookmarked many things in Kippt and I have added tags. Would I be able to import those?


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      • Lucas MottaLucas Motta, 9 years ago

        I've the same questions of Sallar, plus those two:

        • Is it possible also to bookmark images instead of websites?
        • I would suggest to support Dropbox/GDrive to store/sync the files. You won't have the same limitations of iCloud.

        Other than that, I really like it!! A tool to import from Kippt (one minute of silence for Kippt) would be ace!

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        • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

          Hi Lucas,

          Stache is focussed on web pages only. We don't have any plans to support other media at present.

          Yep, we do plan to support addition sync services.

          Our import feature supports Kippt exports and will preserve tags.


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      • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

        Hey Sallar,

        1. Not at present, but it's something we're considering.
        2. The import feature will import HTML Bookmark files and yes will import tags from Kippt.


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      • Emily Campbell, 9 years ago

        +1 for a trial version. I hate having to shell out 7 bucks without having any idea whether it will actually work for me.

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        • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

          Thanks for the feedback Emily. It's something we're considering.

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          • Rick Hanlon IIRick Hanlon II, 9 years ago

            +1 for a trial. The space you're in is littered with products that claim to solve this problem but fall flat. I simply can't afford to pay-to-try every bookmark management product, but if I tried one and loved it I would happily pay double.

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  • Ivo MynttinenIvo Mynttinen, 9 years ago

    Just bought, that was a no-brainer. I've waited so long for a good looking, simply working native app for managing my bookmarks.

    I would love to see something like "Collections" to sort bookmarks by topic (eg. Design, Development, Cooking, etc) + Dropbox support. Otherwise it's already all I need.

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  • Chris JahnChris Jahn, 9 years ago

    Already bought it because i needed something like that and it looks really promising. Feels good and stable so far. Importing several hundred Bookmarks was easy and surprisingly fast.

    The biggest request i have is something like categories. I've used Zootool, with different categories for front-end, design, etc… i miss that a lot. At the moment it just looks like a huge messy screenshot-library. Please add some sort of categories like Iceber.gs or Raindrop.io

    The other request would be dropbox, google drive or something like that. But i see you're already working on that.

    At the moment, i have the feeling a long search has come to an end. Congrats and keep up the good work!

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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback! Great to hear you're enjoying Stache. We're considering additional methods of organisation for a future update. Great to hear your use case, very useful. Cheers!

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      • William Duijzer, 9 years ago

        Looks good! Today I was hoping for a app like this and here it is :) Awesome, I'm really going to try it. The main request I have would also be categorie as I use those quite a lot.

        Just going to try it for now and hope to see a category update in the future :)

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 9 years ago

    I will not test anything by paying it.

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    • George ChenGeorge Chen, 9 years ago

      Apple / iTunes do have a refund policy on apps / software. It's not instant. If you don't like the app you can request a refund. I have done it before.

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      • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

        George speaks the truth! :) We are considering distributing a 'trial' version.

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      • Gareth PriceGareth Price, 9 years ago

        Just wondering, how long did it take you to get a refund? And how much effort was it?

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        • George ChenGeorge Chen, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

          Takes a few days for the refund. Apple also bury the Apple Store support links, but it can be done.

          IMHO, we should support indie app developer that cares about Design. Giving them $6 bucks for an app is like two coffee IMHO. If you really don't like it you can always ask for a refund.

          Off Topic Note: I don't use the refund option lightly -- I have only done it twice in the last 5-6 years of app store. One time, I requested a refund for an expensive app I simply don't find it as useful as I'd expected. The 2nd time, I requested the refund on a shaddy iPad game that you paid for and still require a tone of in-app purchase to be played properly. I request a refund on that out of principle.

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  • Alexander ZizzoAlexander Zizzo, 9 years ago

    What makes this different than Pocket?

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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Hi Alexander, in short bookmarks are displayed differently, stored locally, page content can be searched and pages can be archived with full-page screenshots and web archives. Check out http://getstache.com for all the features.

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  • Jordan BorthJordan Borth, 9 years ago

    I'm excited to give this a go. I'd love to be able to add a note to an entry. Also, the ability to star an entry and have it added to a 'favourites' section would be handy for bookmarks I visit frequently :)

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  • Ollie JacksonOllie Jackson, 9 years ago

    It's a neat app. I've been using Kippt for a while now so had been hoping a replacement would come along - great that it's a native too.

    Couple of features I'd like to see:

    • Ability to attach a tag at the same time as bookmarking an item using the browser extensions. (Similar to Kippt's extension)

    • Ability to create lists/folders. Again similar to Kippt. I know tags exist but with dozens (potentially hundreds!) of bookmarked items, universal search is only efficient if you can recall the tags you've assigned. For instance, Kippt was useful in that you could create a list for a project and then pool all relevant resources into it. You could essentially do the same thing by allowing 'filter by tag' and displaying tags in a sidebar.

    Just my two cents'!

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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Ollie! We're considering adding some more organisation features, but want to keep it minimal. We'll see what the feedback is on this front ;)

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  • Armand GrilletArmand Grillet, 9 years ago

    I'm afraid that Google Stars (leaked earlier this month) will have many features equivalent to your app.

    If it's not the case I will buy Stache on Mac + iOS (I'm tempted to do it right now), it looks pretty and it answers a problem in my workflow. Anyway, the apps seem well thinked, bravo!

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  • Tobias ReichTobias Reich, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    This app looks really good. Might give it a try. I like the visual preview of the site.

    • I'm trying to avoid iCloud, because it's unreliable. A Dropbox sync would be fantastic feature.
    • Does the import/export work with Pinboard?
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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Thanks Tobias! We do plan to introduce Dropbox sync soon.

      We haven't tried an import/export with pinboard so I can't comment on that one I'm afraid. Stache supports import/export of HTML Bookmark Files so if Pinboard exports are in that format then yes. If you'd like to send over a bookmark file to support@getstache.com, we'll let you know ;)

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  • Jitendra Vyas, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    if I'm on someone else's windows or Linux Machine or cyber cafe. Can I access my bookmarks?

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  • Adrien Maston, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )


    Bookmarks management is still an unresolved issue for me, happy to see someone willing to make it right. Here is my thinking. Keep in mind that it's only my experience here : I am not trying to consider everyone's potential use and I will the say "I think" a lot. This is just a comment based on my personal taste. Maybe you will find it not even relevant to what you are trying to do with Stache but I think it reflects a way of using bookmarks (which is what you're dealing with) that has not yet been considered by the app or the previous comments and tends to be forgotten in all modern bookmarking apps/services that I know of (except one buggy survivor). Maybe it will be shared by others here and/or maybe it will give you some insights to improve Stache, add new features or even create another service :)

    Here it is :

    What I really want in a web bookmarking service/app is :

    • Syncing

    Get all your bookmarks across different browsers. Yes, that includes Windows.

    • In the browser

    Browsers have bookmarks, I want to use them. I don't want to have to use a different app to browse and use my bookmarks. Even more if it's OSX only (or Windows only or Linux only or WhateverOS only). Firefox even has had tags for years if you really want them.

    What is useless to me :

    • I don't care for a full app.

    Like said, I don't want to have to use another app than my browser when it comes to use my bookmarks.

    • I don't care for visual bookmarks, images or screenshots.

    For this particular matter, I think they just take a lot of screen space and make eye scanning tedious. Screenshots are usually not helping in spotting one bookmark in the mass. They tend to make using a grid layout almost mandatory, leaving very little room for what actually helps me id a particular bookmark : the title, which in return gets downsized and/or too easily cropped.

    • I don't care for tags and search.

    The time you don't spend organizing folders, you spend it organizing tags. I think that dropping a bookmark in a particular folder is easier and I often found that organizing items in a structured and logical way like files and folders helps me remember/guess where is what very easily with no extra memory work, minimizing (even suppressing) the need for search. Also, browser's url bar (or awesome super magical omnibar) do provide searching in the bookmarks right here in the browser. On a side note, it can be a pain in the ass to move data from a place to another if you solely based your organisation on some software tagging capabilities : imagine using Mavericks tags instead of a clean folder structure to organise your files. What if you need to work or share your work on a non Mavericks machine. Then what if you need to move your bookmarks to another service/app.

    In a nutshell, what I would use and pay for is a fully functional and polished X-marks : browser extensions that sync your bookmarks and make them available localy, in the browsers and that just works. X-marks is okay. At least it works OK in Firefox. But in my own experience, it messes up your bookmarks, create duplicates etc... when used on several browsers. It's quite buggy in Opera (but it's actually a Chrome extension). So right now, I only bookmark pages using Firefox. Sync the bookmarks with X-Marks in Firefox. And then use X-Marks re-download and replace local bookmarks (not sync) feature to update the bookmarks on every other browsers. Not very straightforward. Plus X-Marks is practically dead.

    I know, long comment. Hope it helps in any way. If not, well at least it made my train trip feel a little shorter ;)

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    • Oliver Waters, almost 9 years ago

      Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your use case, feedback and suggestions. Interesting to hear your thoughts.


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  • Robert PaigeRobert Paige, 9 years ago

    Just bought Stache, not impressed. Can barely see the screenshots on a large iMac screen display. Wish there was a zoom button.

    Although the program is impressive, the screenshots are not. I do not enjoy how it takes screenshots of the loading screens of websites. Wish there was a way to customize the screenshot.

    Also how can I share my collection with my friends? I feel like there was a huge opportunity missed there.

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  • Elliott PayneElliott Payne, 9 years ago

    I use pinboard.in as my bookmarking workhorse. It's ugly, but reliable beyond anything else I've come across in several years. I want to maintain that reliability if I use this tool.

    Is it possible to continue using pinboard.in and setup an IFTTT recipe to cross-bookmark? Possibly with the url scheme??

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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Hi Elliott. It's not possible to do anything with IFTTT at present, but we are considering integration with services such as pinboard.in in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Dave GorumDave Gorum, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Really, really need the ability to tag in the extension.

    Otherwise, importing ~3500 bookmarks from Delicious seems to be working so far. Kudos on that front!

    Update: 15 minutes in and the fans on my MacBook are screaming.

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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Thanks for the suggestion and feedback Dave! Processing screenshots and web archives for all those bookmarks will take some time :)

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      • Dave GorumDave Gorum, 9 years ago

        Yeah, so I left it overnight and most of the screenshots still have yet to process. Anything I should be doing that I'm not?

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    well. I bought it. so far, a bit frustrated though. I'm trying to import all my bookmarks from Firefox, but so far, it's not working.

    I've followed the instructions, exported the bookmarks properly from firefox and have tried importing them into stache now a few times, and...nope...not working.... am hoping this is some kind of weirdness, and that i didn't just spend my money on something that doesn't work.

    just crashed for the 3rd time. not impressed.

    I have a LOT of bookmarks from over the years, and was looking forward to using this app. But if i can't import them, this is pretty much useless.

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  • Rafeed CRafeed C, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Looks great! I'd love to be able to import my Safari Reading List and/or starred entries from Feedbin. Any chance of supporting these two?

    Edit: Would also be cool if it could save screenshots at various resolutions (i.e. desktop, tablet, mobile).

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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Rafeed. We're looking in to adding some direct import functionality. Multiple screen resolutions would be cool.

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  • Tanner ChristensenTanner Christensen, 9 years ago

    I don't get it. I installed the Chrome extension and attempted to use the bookmarklet but neither do anything.

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  • Paul NevinPaul Nevin, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Same as other have said; this looks really promising! Two things I would definitely need:

    • Dropbox support; clearly can't rely on iCloud.
    • Bookmark import (directly from Chrome / FF / ... or from an exported HTML file)
    • An Android port of the companion app


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    • Oliver Waters, 9 years ago

      Thanks Paul! Dropbox is in the works. iCloud was a challenge but it's working well thanks to ensembles.

      Bookmark import/export is supported via HTML Bookmark file.

      Android is something we'll consider, very much dependent on demand.

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      • Paul NevinPaul Nevin, 9 years ago

        Well Oliver, that's 2 out of 3 requests!! Not bad ;) Many thanks for your reply!

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