Using perspective smart objects on mockups. How to make them sharp?

9 years ago from , Designer

Hi everyone! I'm not sure If I'm missing something about how to use mockups with smart objects on PS, but every time I use it, and has some kind of perspective, my screens are always blurry and they look really ugly.

I'm trying to figure out which is the way to achive this level of crisp on the image (see link):


Ionut did the left screen, mine's on the right. Look all the lines and text, status bar, button texts...

Which is the way to do it right? Is something resolution's related? I tried a few of ways and always ended with a bad result.

Thanks in advance!


  • Tom GantzerTom Gantzer, 9 years ago

    I do it exactly how you have described using Smart Objects. Have you checked the transform interpolation options when distorting the SO?

    My mistake is leaving it on "Nearest Neighbour" when working on pixel-perfect comps, and forgetting to set it back to a suitable Bicubic setting.

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    • Salva Ferrando, 9 years ago

      Thanks for your reply! I tried all the interpolation possibilities but neither worked, I'm still having the same results... I'll keep looking for an answer! Thanks again ;)

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