Most helpful product design conferences?

over 9 years ago from , Product Design at Metabase

I've perused things like finduxevents.com, but I'm curious to hear from fellow product designers or UX+UI designers which conferences you've attended that have been the most helpful for your craft. (I'm less interested in recruiting/networking.)

I've attended An Event Apart, UX Week, and the Accel Design Conference, but I'm just looking for some new ideas.

Thanks for your thoughts!


  • Alberto OrsiniAlberto Orsini, over 9 years ago

    I just went to 99u and it was very inspiring. While it is mostly about product development it really incites the entrepreneurial spirit within us.

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  • Vlad ShapochnikovVlad Shapochnikov, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I'm attending Valio Con this year. I'm looking forward to that. It seems very PD oriented.

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