OSX Stacks for Bookmarking

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I've messed around with lots of bookmarking services, but none seems to do everything I want. I just want to be able to drag and drop anything and have it saved for later, and now I'm just using a stack on my OSX dock:

OSX Stack Drag from Reeder

The Stack is just a folder in my home directory, but it could just as easily be a shared folder in Dropbox or Drive, and it supports anything that you can drag and drop in OSX. There's not really any metadata, but if I really need to know where a picture came from I can google image search. I dunno. Thoughts?


  • Milosz FalinskiMilosz Falinski, over 9 years ago

    This is definitely convenient. I always prefer relying on 'native' methods over plugins and extensions, especially when they seem unnecessary.

    The downside of that is - you can't drag things like text or links. And organising is still manual. Also Finder is a pretty poor tool for visually browsing through large amounts of files.

    I'm building http://useoctobox.com which is addressing a lot of the issues you mentioned, and might be something you'd enjoy using. This behaviour of dragging to a Dock folder is preserved since it's using Dropbox for storage - it'll automatically show up in your inbox in Octobox. There'll also be a browser extension to aid with saving links and clips of sites, etc.

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  • Hugo LeloupHugo Leloup, over 9 years ago

    That sounds just like what Dragdis has to offer. Have you checked it out ?

    It allows to drag and drop almost anything from your browser, just as you mentioned. The plus is that if you dragged an image or a chunk of text, it keeps the link of the page you got it from, just in case :).

    You can even drag something from your e-mail client or another app right into it. I can only highly recommand this to you.

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    • Jeff Marshall, over 9 years ago

      I've tried using it with the Safari plugin, but it doesn't open a lot of the time when I start dragging.

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      • Hugo LeloupHugo Leloup, over 9 years ago

        Too bad, it works like a charm with Chrome. Isn't it exactly what you're looking for, though ?

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        • Ryan MackRyan Mack, over 9 years ago

          I love Dragdis and it's what I'm currently using. The only downside is no export or Dropbox sync and no collaboration. If it had those two features, it'd be nearly perfect.

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  • Richard BurtonRichard Burton, over 9 years ago

    I've been doing this for a while and it's been really helpful.

    I have a screensaver set to load up photos from the folder I drag everything into:

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  • Rick WaaldersRick Waalders, over 9 years ago

    Oh this is great!

    Last week when Ember app lost my library for the third time after an update, I decided to not use it anymore and I'm now using a simple folder to store my inspiration images. I was searching for an easy way to save new files to that folder, and this is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks for the tip :)

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  • Mike EngelMike Engel, over 9 years ago

    How about dropmark? They have a mac app that sits in your menu bar and can be dragged to.

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  • Samuel ZellerSamuel Zeller, over 9 years ago

    Good idea!

    I'm using the great SparkBox http://www.icyblaze.com/sparkbox/

    I have over 3500 images in 35 folders, I keep inspirations as well as old projects and researches. It's synced on my dropbox.

    Advantages vs Pinterest is that I keep the original high resolution file with me :)

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