Have you ever designed a 50+ Screen UI with Sketch 3.0?

over 9 years ago from , Partner/Designer @newnow_

Means: Are the issues with multiple art boards and decreasing performance fixed in v.3.0?

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  • Ricardo VazquezRicardo Vazquez, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I just opened my Sketch 2 document (9 pages, 50+ artboards) in Sketch 3 and it's working :). In Sketch 2, I could not even select text anymore with a file of that size. I will update once I have worked with it for a while. So far so good though!

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    • Bady QbBady Qb, over 9 years ago

      glad to know that, I'm also have the same issue where I have lot of art boards with multiple pages and it's heavy to do some editing. Even it's not as heavy as Ps.

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  • Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, over 9 years ago

    Be careful though if you are using the trial version. I couldn't open the file it Sketch 2 after saving it in Sketch 3.

    Follow Julius's suggestion and you'll be fine.

    My only performance issue was when I did an export all (cmd+shift+e) for a 50+ screen UI, it frequently crash Sketch 3.

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  • Julius TarngJulius Tarng, over 9 years ago

    been on the beta for a month: the answer is yes, but if the question is if I recommend it, then the answer is no

    if you really still want to do it, i recommend doing the following:

    1. split things up into pages: this will make the most impact in terms of performance improvement. each page is isolated in terms of processor usage, so it'll feel like a new document
    2. there are new "reduce image size" and "flatten into bitmap" features which can help alleviate bitmap lag
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