• Nice ShoesNice Shoes, over 9 years ago

    I'm sure it's interesting but I found everything too big to read comfortably (viewing on 27").

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  • Dylan BaskindDylan Baskind, over 9 years ago

    Mhm, Teehan+Lax have got to be one of the best design-and-build companies out there (vying perhaps with Metalab, but for my money Teehan+Lax comes out on top).

    Not just in terms of the actual work - but also the published artefacts of their work, blog posts, PSD sets etc. [i.e. sooo much time saved with their iOS PSD sets] I know its content marketing at work on me - but heck, its damn useful stuff!

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  • samuel lord, 23 days ago

    The concept of a social shopping experience sounds intriguing, especially with the integration of brands like mason easy pay . It's great to see how technology is transforming the way we shop and interact with products. This innovation could potentially revolutionize the shopping landscape, providing an engaging and seamless process for consumers. Keep on sharing!

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  • Joe Blau, over 9 years ago

    Doe anyone have a good code snippet of their video player in the iPhone?

    I've also seen something similar on http://capptivate.co/, but it's using Hype which is unnecessary for that basic interaction.

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