"Ask DN:" I'm making a to do list app - what would you like to see in it.

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So I'm making a to-do list app as a learning exercise - I know there are tons already out there that are great, but I think it's a good way to get started in App development & I figured the best place to start is to ask people what they want.


  • Benjamin FritzBenjamin Fritz, over 9 years ago

    Sorry but what people want is not another todo list app. Why don't you try to tackle a real problem as an exercise which should be the sole reason of designing sth.?

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    • David O'Callaghan, over 9 years ago

      I can see where your coming from and I get it - I thought a simple to do app would be a good way to ease me in. But maybe your right, what's point in doing something for the sake of it when I could be doing something useful.

      Good point! Cheers

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    • Benjamin B.Benjamin B., over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

      I understand your point of view but while learning development, you're not supposed to spend your time thinking how to solve problems, but instead understanding what you're actually programming, how it works and why it works. Plus, you might say that but despite all the apps available on the stores, I couldn't find what I actually needed.

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  • Samuel ZellerSamuel Zeller, over 9 years ago

    Integrate it with other services, maybe a way to sync data with dropbox or icloud. Or Caldav based. It's always nice to have apps that works either for individuals or for small teams!

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  • Xavier HaniquautXavier Haniquaut, over 9 years ago
    • I always find that the simple todo lists lack of 'dependency' feature. If you have a project divided in few tasks, they could be done in a specific order. You can't close the Task2 if it is dependent of the 1st one. No need to see it either at first.

    • OrchestraToDo (RIP) had a great collaborative feature: you could affect task to people, but you can also ask to a group of people who wants to do it.

    • All kind of sorting would be great, everybody as a way of choosing the tasks he want to do. Everybody who use the app should have a custom sorting of the task.

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  • Emily Campbell, over 9 years ago

    Build me a to do list that can do my laundry and put my kids to bed and I will gladly pay for it. Otherwise, build a to do list for yourself (it is the tutorial-of-choice for the major programming languages and frameworks) and then build an app people really want with your new skills.

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