Ask DN: Do you ever re-design things because they're so badly designed?

over 9 years ago from , Creative Director @ BoomTown

Just wondering if anyone else re-designs things (if only for themselves) because things are so poorly designed?

Example: A really interesting local landmark has very, very bad branding so I came up with an entirely new version


  • Tom GantzerTom Gantzer, over 9 years ago

    I always get a lot of ideas about how I would re-brand bad designs, but more often than not I lack the time to act on them. But I always enjoy seeing other people's ideas presented in re-brands, so definitely think about sharing if you are happy with the work!

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  • Samir WahabSamir Wahab, over 9 years ago

    Yes, i have done it. One of my colleague made the mockup for one financial firm. When i saw it, i thought it could be done better. So i designed it, not to show my skill but i want to help my colleague to get better. And it really came out well, agreed by my colleague. But everything is depend on time.

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  • Mohammed ElagouzMohammed Elagouz, over 9 years ago

    not necessarily i think it depends on the person. some people love design and they want to do there version of a brand the like or hate. or they want to show there skills. could share your design with us ? :)

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