Ask DN: Tell me stories of how you got yourself hired

over 9 years ago from , Data Graphics Editor @ Vocativ

There's a company I really want to work for that I'm having trouble getting a response from, but I wake up every morning wishing I could work for them.

What sorts of things have you tried to get a job you really wanted? Above and beyond simply submitting your resumé and hoping?

Everything from guessing emails, to creating customized "I want to work for you!" websites, to just showing up at the office.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 9 years ago

    there's 2 ways to get a job: 1. know someone. 2. be awesome. (1 is a lot more effective)

    but seriously, personalization helps a ton. go that extra mile and write a unique, thoughtful cover letter. your application will get noticed.

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