• James Young, 9 years ago

    Couple of things that immediately come to mind:

    1. Ditch the "Coming soon" boxes. They don't add anything and you have nothing to hide about being early in your career with a smaller folio than perhaps more experienced peers.
    2. Run all your images through an optimiser, the iphone image on your YouTube page is nearly 6mb. As a UX/UI person with experience at somewhere like YouTube where performance is famously pursued, I would expect you to have covered some basic quick wins on that front on your own site.
    3. Resume - Would be nice as it's in your main nav if it linked to a well designed HTML page instead of jumping off to a pdf on its own. You could always include an option to download a pdf on that page or in your site footer.

    As Matthew mentioned, I like the way you've demonstrated your work in the form of working prototypes, it's good to see real stuff working in its intended environment :)

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    • Andy Lee, 9 years ago

      Great suggestions, thank you so much for the write-up!! I'll be taking this to heart and fixing these things!

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  • Andy Lee, 9 years ago

    Hi there DN! I'm a student studying New Media Design at RIT, soon to graduate, and I'm always clamoring to try new things. Here's my newest attempt at a portfolio, coded with help from Edge Reflow, Edge Animate and Sketch. First attempt doing anything using those programs, so it was a great learning experience!

    Very open to critiques and criticisms, so please, have at it!

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    • Matthew R. MillerMatthew R. Miller, 9 years ago

      Great idea linking to the Flinto prototypes. That's a great way to show work when you're a student and don't have many finished products in your portfolio.

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      • Andy Lee, 9 years ago

        Thanks so much! It was a big hit when I presented those to agencies at our school's creative industry fair yesterday, and they're so much fun to make!

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