• Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, 10 years ago

    This is totally nitpicking over details that have nothing to do with Instagram's design, but rather weird quirks that this particular author entertains. Terrible.

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  • Julius TarngJulius Tarng, 10 years ago

    ridiculous. was expecting higher level issues, not tiny bugs like not saving comments.

    why is calling people who like things "likers" a UX issue? the only reasonable complaint in this blog post is the settings gear vs edit profile, which, as Marian pointed out — not a big deal and is a one-time learning curve.

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  • Floris VerloopFloris Verloop, 10 years ago

    From the article: "And finally, here I am trying to write out a nice comment on a shot and I want to include their username so they can get a notification saying that I commented on their shot. But at this precious moment in time I have forgotten this person's username. So I go back to the photo and find out their username…"

    This doesn't make any sense. Why would you include the username to notify that you commented on someone's shot? Instagram already sends notifications and a user can edit notification settings. If you comment on a photo on Facebook, you don't tag the guy you're commenting on either right?

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  • Guillaume Simon, 10 years ago


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