• Chad EngleChad Engle, almost 10 years ago

    Love this kind of stuff, really like that you guys are doing this! Thanks for the share Justin :)

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  • Anthony DinesAnthony Dines, almost 10 years ago

    Been really enjoying the outreach your team has been doing recently. Keep it up, it's fun to read. I'm sure it's a tall order, but if you guys can do more case studies like the Mapping Place Pins page, I certainly wouldn't complain.

    Also, most excellent use of your new GIF functionality on this board, was good for a chuckle: http://www.pinterest.com/creative/whilst-in-critique/

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    • Justin Edmund, almost 10 years ago

      Thanks a ton Anthony! We're definitely going to try to do more large case studies like with Place Pins, and a few smaller ones too.

      Also, Whilst in Critique is definitely one of my favorite Pinterest boards ever ;)

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