• Dan Sullivan, over 10 years ago

    I think it's nice overall, but not sure why they're moving to another glyph style for certain icons.

    On a side note, I really can't stand why my collection is shown as an unsortable list and not a sortable album grid, and why my home screen cant be set to my Collection instead of Heavy Rotation. I would love for them to at least give us the option to choose.

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  • Manik RatheeManik Rathee, over 10 years ago

    I'm loving this - every update to the iOS app pushes a new visual style that is more and more what I expect from the stellar team over there.

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  • Brian Lovin, over 10 years ago

    Rdio has one of the best interfaces I've seen, far surpassing the beauty of alternatives like Pandora and Spotify.

    UI and UX improvement like these are certainly nice, but maybe not completely obvious. The tutorial at the beginning basically admits that the hold-to-share features is designed in a non-obvious, unusable way. If you know how to activate it though, it looks/works great.

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  • Taurean BryantTaurean Bryant, over 10 years ago

    Its nice that they're slowly porting over desktop features to mobile, such as sharing songs. Looks great too.

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  • Santiago VillalbaSantiago Villalba, over 10 years ago

    I've used Spotify and recently moved to Rdio. What I really miss about Spotify is the Queue and how it works. You could say that Rdio just works differently, but they really need to work on it.

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  • Jarred BishopJarred Bishop, over 10 years ago

    Some really nice updates here.

    I like the longpress gesture usage, and how the resulting modal is full screen.

    Not crazy about the gradients/blurs in the modal background, but I like how they are pulling colours from album artwork.

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