labs.eevennsoh.com — Documenting my design & tech experiments

4 months ago from , Lead Product Designer

Hey friends, introducing my mini web lab, a space where I document my whimsical and experimental endeavors — labs.eevennsoh.com

Over the past few years, I’ve been dabbling in design and code, experimenting with a bunch ideas, just for fun. Some worked, most didn’t (I suck at coding). Most of these have been gathering digital dust on my local drive.

So, I decided to polish up some of these experiments and find a spot for them in the internet. I invite you all to take a look. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or collaboration ideas, hit me up!

Also a huge shoutout to Framer for making the development of this site an absolute delight. Kudos to the team and I’m excited to share my first series of experiments around Framer.