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    Just a few thoughts on the design (assuming you're the designer) and one on the purchase flow:

    1. It's not obvious at all you should be scrolling (at any screen size). Granted, when you're talking about sites that are selling a monthly continuity, your ultimate goal is to convert them, but there isn't enough info alone up here to make the sell. An arrow might be a bit wonky at the bottom, but some kind of message or indicator should be there.

    2. The charitable piece of it seems to get a little lost (hard to read that text on the image). I also noticed right away that two of the kids in the image have some pretty nice (ie: $$) shoes... the emotion in the shot is great, but I'm not sure the image conveys too well the kind of people you're helping. Also, are you giving a pair of your adult socks for every adult sock sold? If so, I might remove a picture of kids all together in lieu of an image that represents the kind of people you are really helping?

    3. Maybe it's just me, but as cool as the hipster fixie-messenger-biker shot is, I'd strongly consider adding in a few shots of a businessman, a college kid in class, a girl wearing a pair in heels, etc. It could be random, a slider, a collage... whatever... but I'm concerned you could be turning away potential business by steering TOO much towards a very specific niche.

    4. The sell is too rushed. When I click "SIGN ME UP", I'm abruptly tossed into a modal asking me personal information. I highly recommend tossing a softball up first to get consumer confidence... a super easy question to get the user committed and a step closer to entering the CC. I'd suggest asking what size sock they are looking for. If you offer only one size, at least ask if they are male or female. You're sucking them in with an easy question (that you also get an extra data point from), before asking the ugly personal PAY ME stuff. I'd also consider asking them a quantity. For example, would you like 1 pair for 12/month or 2 pairs for $18/20? You could do the math better than me, but if your goal is to get 3 turns from a customer and your COGs line up right... getting $54/60 from them in just 3 months versus $36 could be significant in scale. Again, it all depends on the cost and LTV.

    Another recommendation would be to try pulling out the email from the bill/ship info... have them enter that first... so if they bail in the process... you have a way to target them later with an email as a way to re-engage them.

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    • Kevin Lee, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

      Hi Ben!

      Thanks for all the feedback — yea, this is an MVP redesign (as you might have gathered from the simple one-pager). There's alot of stuff that needs reworking to say the least.

      I'm so happy to see the interest and I'm looking forward to pushing the next version out very soon!

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, over 9 years ago

    I like the website and the idea but I'm confused about international shipping. Is it 12$ in North Korea and US? All the same? I even tried to compile the form but it just says "pay". I feel a lack of information...

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    • Kevin Lee, over 9 years ago

      Hi Guilio, As you might notice this is more of an MVP redesign at the moment more than anything. It's actually a $5 flat-fee for international shipping but I was having some troubles implementing it.

      A new iteration to the design is in the works—as soon as I send out these month's socks I'll be working on fixing the problems with the checkout process.

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  • peter karpickpeter karpick, over 9 years ago

    Please if you are selling socks - show me the socks

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