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  • Matt McDaniel, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I took some time to trace a push notification confirmation UIAlertView in Photoshop. Without having access to .HelveticaNeueInterface and without getting knee deep in trying to reproduce its custom kerning pairs, here's what I found:

    Title: Helvetica Neue Medium, 17 pt, Tracking: 6, Leading: 22 pt

    Body: Helvetica Neue Regular, 14 pt, Tracking: 18, Leading: 19 pt

    Secondary action label: Helvetica Neue Regular, 17 pt, Tracking: 10

    Primary action label: Helvetica Neue Medium, 17pt, Tracking: 10

    Text color: black

    Button label color: R 0 G 122 B 255 (system blue)

    Corner radius: ~7–7.5 pt

    Base alert shape fill: ~0.74 alpha white with a 0.5 alpha white radial gradient in the center

    Button divider color: 0.23 alpha black

    The alert fill color is a little weird. I've normally found that Apple designers end up landing on round numbers for stuff (like 0.4 alpha drop shadows) but this is as close as I could get it using color samples.

    I tried to work around the blur but it could be affecting the results

    Also take note of the use of ' instead of the curved ’ on “Don't Allow”

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