Designer News is nearly unusable now.

over 2 years ago from , Design Project Lead at MelkwegDigital

Mods please delete all these T-Shirt and TV seller spammers with their voting rings.


  • Airon Maynhem, over 2 years ago

    +1 Absolutely I agree.

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  • Arun PattnaikArun Pattnaik, over 2 years ago

    +1. I doubt if we have any mods around anymore. Too many low quality posts slipping through lately.

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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, over 2 years ago

      We’re not. We’ve tried to help, but the owners don’t care. I think I speak for most of us when I say I’ve given up.

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  • Chris Plosaj, over 2 years ago

    Designer News is pretty dead. Poor UX, outdated UI and tech, and now non stop spam posts.

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  • Taylor Ho, over 2 years ago

    always has been

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    • Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson, over 2 years ago

      In the last 3-6 mo the post quality has dropped significantly. IT wasn't the best before but now its terrible. Flooded with low quality posts.

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  • Christopher Velasquez, 2 months ago

    I understand your frustration with Designer News. It's disappointing when a platform you used to enjoy becomes difficult to use or less enjoyable. If you have specific concerns or issues with Designer News, I recommend reaching out to their support team or providing feedback on the platform's https://alarabinuk.com/ website if available. Your feedback could potentially contribute to improvements or changes that make the platform more user-friendly in the future. Additionally, you might explore alternative design or tech communities online that better align with your preferences and needs.

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  • Niko Polack, over 2 years ago

    Sad but true. On the other hand, what's the alternative?

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  • No NameNo Name, over 2 years ago

    yep—which is why a friend of mine and I built Meld.so! It's a bit rough and we haven't been posting to it regularly cause we've been dealing with some day-job stuff! But it's there and ready for designers and developers alike.

    Oh, and we'll moderate it.

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