Super simple lightning fast one page notes app

3 years ago from , デザイナー

Notion is nice but sometimes all you need is an app like Nute.

Nute is a note taking app. It’s a super minimal product that just lets you start typing whatever you want. Everything you type on Nute will remain there even if you close it.

Nute is lightweight and it loads in an instant, even on slow connections. The app has no account system, so there’s no user registration or login, and no syncing across devices. You can, however, download whatever you type in the app as a .txt file on your system.

Nute is a Progressive Web App, so you can even install it on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. It works offline.

Nute is free and always will be. It has no ads or trackers.

I use Nute to help me remember things I’d most likely forget when browsing the web. Hopefully you find it useful too.