Art vs. Design: Are Illustrations Art or Design?

over 3 years ago from , Freelance UI Designer

So, we all know the difference between art and design, right? How about illustrations that are created by artists but are used for a purpose? Where should we categorize them. Should we even categorize them? Example: https://www.noupe.com/inspiration/showcases/fantasy-wallpaper.html Are these art?


  • John PJohn P, over 3 years ago

    Depends if they're illustrating a piece of art or a piece of design.

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  • Lucas Bell, over 3 years ago

    I think the art and design world is always mingling.

    Why do we need to create distinctions between art and design?

    We need a new word that combines the two.

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  • Dominik SigristDominik Sigrist, over 3 years ago

    As far as I know – there are different disciplines, mainly separated into "fiction" and "non-fiction" illustration.

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  • Roman TesliukRoman Tesliuk, over 3 years ago

    Design is mostly about how something works. Art is about emotion and aesthetics. It's always a good idea to combine both to give a product a unique look and have a bit deeper emotional connection with the user.

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  • marcio_ duartemarcio_ duarte, over 3 years ago


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  • Alison Bustos, over 3 years ago

    Defo art. I've had exchanges with "artists" working especially with video game publishers, usually artwork such as this is not requested as your everyday banner etc. Instead, the art directors, creative directors, or any other decision maker tells the artist what the feel of the work requested is, gives them a simple yet comprehensive idea about the project and the artist 'creates' by giving their touch. That's why video game artwork and actual game assets can have a wide variety of difference in style.

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    • Sten Roossien, over 3 years ago

      art is created for the sake of being created. The moment something is directed, managed or requested I'd say that's design.

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      • Stefano TirloniStefano Tirloni, over 3 years ago

        Not 100% sure about this, so when the Pope told Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, that's just design?

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        • andreis .andreis ., over 3 years ago

          Not 100% sure about this, so when the Pope told Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, that's just design?

          It was in fact design, or rather - commercial art. Most of the catholic/religious art was commissioned by the church to bring the religious ideas (or doctrine) to the illiterate masses.

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      • S B, over 3 years ago

        I don't think that's a good definition. Art is commissioned all the time. Illustration, in my opinion, is a meeting point of design and art. Design is visual communication with purpose.. a designer might use an illustration (or hire an illustrator) to achieve their design, but the illustration used is still 'art'. Art isn't just created for the sake of it... art has emotional/communicative/intellectual purpose.

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