Can you review my website?

over 3 years ago from , Art Director & Blogger at www.deesignre.com

Hi, I’ve been blogging for a while, and just curious if anyone has some feedback. Especially on the content; if you find it useful.

Thanks! Here is a link: https://deesignre.com/


  • Koos Looijesteijn, over 3 years ago

    Hey Mark, because it's already 2 months ago that you asked this and there's nothing specific you're asking for, here a few first impressions:

    • Your name is not to be found on the website, which I find really strange for a personal website. Also you mention you work for a leading agency, but not which one, which makes it not so relevant to me.
    • "I noticed that there are little blogs with a focus on the visual aspect of design that educate designers to create more beauty. I hope to fill that gap. " I love that focused goal, but I don't really see it reflected in your posts.
    • The post preview images are mostly meaningless to me. I'd rather have more posts in the archive. Lazy loading images may help if you want to reduce page load time.
    • All in all it looks like quickly put together using a template (you don't need 'topics' with the small number of posts, "Receive an email when we have new knowledge?" doesn't look like it's written by you,
    • You could make more attractive post titles that are shorter and tell the reader what's in it for them. I don't care that you read a book a week and that you cancelled your Medium subscription ;-)
    • No RSS mentioned, so I'm not adding you to my feeds!
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