Anygood: A simple to-do app with curated recommendations on the side

over 3 years ago from , Founder at Konsider

Hey all,

My new app Anygood (anygood.app) just went live on the App Store yesterday. Thought it'd be nice to share it here and get some valuable feedback.

Anygood is in its essence a gesture-based to-do app for you to quickly type down and keep track of all your consumption needs; hence why you'll be greeted with a list of predefined categories. (Read, Watch, Listen, Eat & Drink, Buy) My aim is not to replace the to-do/reminder app of your choice, but rather create a new cosy extra little spot; so that the things you want to get to next, don't get lost in the way in an already crowded/complex to-do you use daily.

The app is by-design, kept simple and snappy so that it only takes a couple of seconds for you to start typing before you forget about that nice thing that you've heard. The app has embraced the modern hardware realities and the adapted interaction styles that come with it; which resulted in a gesture-based-no buttons user experience. There's definitely a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get it; all the gestures should feel quite snappy.

Last but not least; every category comes with its own curated recommendations section. We all have those moments where it gets a bit dry and we need a nice and handy little source to discover new names, titles, tunes and stuff. Anygood will humbly be trying to do that and keep the lists frequently updated. Of course, you'll get to add what you see there quickly to your lists and even browse their website without leaving the app!

Anygood is purely an independent effort and it is very much a v1.0 and I want to be clear on that aspect. There's good room for improvement and I already plan to introduce more refinements and functionality whilst making sure the app stays as simple and as fast as today.

Your feedback would help me a lot to figure out and prioritise what I should tackle and refine next.

Click here to download the app!

Thanks for your time!


  • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, over 3 years ago

    Looks amazing! Any plans for Android / web?

    Also, solid branding. It's unique and you managed to mix a little Brutalism with an unconventional color palette and illustration. Spot on!

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    • , over 3 years ago

      That made my day, thank you so much. Hope you like it!

      The current plan is to get the iOS version right, with some more enhancements on the way with the URL handling, animations, etc... I'd love to explore the idea of an Android version if there's a continued demand!

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  • Erik Fanki, over 3 years ago

    I like the concept! My expectation when adding for example something in "Read" was that it would automatically search and fetch metadata, showing author, cover etc. Kind of disappointed that it didn't! If not, I might as well use Reminders. If that was there, I would use it! I would also enjoy the feature of choosing what type of curation I'm looking at.. For books, maybe New York Times Bestsellers etc. Right now I'm not really sure how and why these items are there.

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    • , over 3 years ago

      I honestly haven't thought about the idea of the app fetching metadata. Definitely sounds interesting, I'll do my research.

      For the second point; that sounds like a very natural evolution for the version that I currently have. For now, they're all humbly selected by me; a curation what I find interesting and valuable for app's users.

      Thank a lot for your feedback, much appreciated!

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  • Alex Robertson-Brown, over 3 years ago

    Such a great idea for an app, counting down the days until it comes to Android. In the meantime I'm using Memento Database to do a similar, but more ugly, thing

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  • Brad Weaver, over 3 years ago

    Found it via the Dense Discovery newsletter and really like it. I was using Sofa to track movies and random lists in other apps for stuff like this, so I love this idea. I don't want this stuff in Things or Asana and it doesn't have a timeline. One thing that would be awesome is the ability to make a custom list label and add your own things. For example, I trade tech stocks, and it would be cool to just list companies that I'm interested in buying stock in without doing tons of work. Or someone may want to add something else that doesn't fit into "buy" but more of a research. I wouldn't want the app bloated with tons of options, the simplicity is key, so just a thought but definitely see the simple UX as a good thing.

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